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My Book Is Out Now

Just a really short post to announce my book is available to download right now. You can get if for free for the next 5 days, after which it will be £4.99. I write young adult fiction under the name of Evie Sparkes, just incase you were a little baffled! The paperback is out in… Read More My Book Is Out Now

My Life

The I Love Game

Just a really quick post as a follow up to the last Law Of Attraction post. I had a couple of emails with questions and one was how do you get your happy back when you feel crap? Well, I do this really childish but effective thing. I say out loud (providing no-one is in ear… Read More The I Love Game

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The Law Of What?

Alternate Reality? I may have mentioned before, I’m into science. I love, love, love it. All kinds of science, but mostly Quantum physics. Probably because I love chaos, and quantum certainly makes that of any logical science. I was reading an article about the double slit experiment which throws into question the fact that there is just… Read More The Law Of What?