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An Alternative to Tretinoin – SkinBetter Science – AlphaRet

Is this product as good as tretinoin? I have to say that I absolutely love this anti-aging skin care product. I also love tretinoin as you will know if you’ve been here before or visited my skin care channel.


Two Sizes

Approx: £65 and £120

Why I Stopped Using Tretinoin

It wasn’t a choice thing. I didn’t get sick of it or decide it wasn’t working for me anymore. It was a suggestion from Dr Strawford at Skin Excellence. I started seeing him back in March for the little bit of botox I now get in my forehead. We spoke about tretinoin with a view to me getting it from the clinic. That’s when we also spoke about dry skin!

I have to say that I haven’t suffered with dry skin all that much since getting a really great moisture boosting routine going but of course, you have to consider this down-side and have to counter-act the drying effects tretinoin has on your skin.

The most benefit I have had from tretinoin is on my forehead. The lines are really not that visible when I am not raising my head. Yes, I still have a little botox, but I stress, a little. I have a very modest amount in the glabella region and that’s it. I no longer have it in the whole of my forehead.

Over the last few years I have noticed the most difference in the volume and the elasticity of my skin. Up until 40 I didn’t even bother with skin care at all! I hit 42 and started to notice a few changes. By the time I was 45 I could see that my once plump face was beginning to lose fat. Of course, nothing will do anything for volume loss apart from filler. When I hear celebrities claiming that all they do is use a good face cream in order to look 30 when they are in actual fact over 50 I sigh. A good face cream will not lift muscles or skin come to that. Yes it can help with lines and wrinkles, texture and tone but NOT loss of volume and it certainly cannot compete with gravity!

The Difference Between Tretinoin and AlphaRet

Alpha-Ret – made up of a retinoid combined with an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that provides visible skin rejuvenation with little-to-no irritation.

Tretinoin – 20 times more potent than retinol and achieves visible results faster in skin texture, tone, and appearance.

I can honestly say that I prefer using AlphaRet and the results for me, are as good as with tretinoin. The added bonus is that I no longer have to consider dry skin. I don’t have to use lots of moisturising products if I choose not to. I can skip a night and not bother to hydrate or moisturise and my skin still feels okay the next day.

It’s not as cheap as tretinoin. It’s been highly developed and with that comes a price tag that won’t suit every budget. What I can say is that it lasts a very long time. The smaller tube lasted me four months and the larger will probably last at least 6.


I still use it every now and again. I might put it on and leave it to settle into my skin on top of a lot of hydration and moisture. I can’t give up on it completely. It’s a fantastic anti-aging skin care product and really does work wonders on those wrinkles. I love the fact that there are alternatives for people who cannot get on with it though. 🙂