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Retin-A – A Journey

Using Retin-A for the Past Five Years – 50 This Year 😐

I have been using retin-a, otherwise known as Tretinoin for a good five years now. I have hopped between brands and generic retin-a’s. What have I learn in those five years regarding anti-aging skin care?

I have learnt that Tretinoin and glycolic are the only products that really do impact your skin in a noticeable way. When we get past the age of 45, we tend to notice fine lines increasing and deeper lines appear even deeper. Why is this? Over time, we lose the ability to produce fresh collagen at the rate that we once did. Collagen cannot be produced with creams and potions, but it can be encouraged. I have found that with the aid of micro-needling and micro-current, Retin-a is the most beneficial skin care product when it comes to boosting that collagen production.

mature skin at 49. Retin-A UK

Where do I Buy My Retin-A in the UK?

I have tried many online stores, but eventually I settled on Dermatica. Their Tretinoin is mixed with niacinimide which is also a great anti-aging product when it comes to the appearance of fine lines.

After using Dermatica’s product for almost a year I was convinced to give SkinBetter Science a go. Why switch brands? Because I was reliably informed by an aesthetician that the brand was great for people with dry skin (of which I am one) and would be just as effective, if not more so, than the 1% Tretinoin that I was using.

AlphRet - SkinBetter Science

AlphaRet Overnight Cream

First of all, let’s be honest about this. This is not a cheap option. I purchased both the AlphaRet and the Even Tone Correcting Serum. Together I paid £120, whereas the 1% Retin-a I was buying from Dermatica was costing me £20. A vast difference in price. I am not against paying more for a decent, quality product however, and that is what I believe SkinBetter Science products are. No drying effect whatsoever. The opposite is true. My skin has never felt better.

The anti-aging skin care cream is light, but thick enough so as not to need a heavy application. I can honestly say that it is my favourite product of all tie and I will continue to use it. I am able to use it every night with no need for a break. I used to use the 1% Retin-a five nights a week with a 2 day break to allow my skin some respite.

Alternative to generic Retin-A

I am not an affiliate for SkinBetter Science, am not being paid for this nor am I receiving free stuff!

I prefer only to review the things that I love and that work well for my mature skin. I am not one that likes to leave a bad review, preferring simply not to review it at all. I realise that skin care is as subjective as most other things. What one person loves, another not so much.

For me, this product is awesome. It leaves my skin feeling great. No peeling or dryness at all. This for me is an absolute bonus.