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Nuface Mini Review

Does the NuFace Really Work?

Anyone who follows me on Youtube will know that I had previously dissed the Nuface Mini as ‘Not all that’ so it might come as a surprise to you that I am giving this facelift machine a gold star review.

Why have I changed my opinion? I love my Rio 60 Second. It’s awesome, but I have recently had a new veneer fitted and using it on my cheek area and smile lines was giving me severe tooth sensitivity. Anyone who owns a Rio will understand how uncomfortable it can be in this area if you have it on a reasonable high setting, and I do.

I had thrown the Nuface into the drawer of my bedside cabinet a long time ago. I was contemplating selling it. It seemed a shame to just have it sitting there, when it might suit someone else. It clearly just didn’t suit me.

Using the NuFace Again

One evening about six weeks ago, I took it out of the drawer and for some reason, decided to give it another try. I looked at some more demo’s online and saw that some people were holding on the muscle rather than simply gliding it as most demonstrate. So I decided, what the hell, and changed my original routine to have it sitting on the cheek muscles and under them too.

When Did I Start to See Results From My New Routine?

I began to notice that I was easily maintaining the lift that the Rio had given me, but also, my skin texture felt nicer. It was soft after a treatment and I hadn’t appreciated that before. It also began to soften my smile lines slightly, and the small dimple in the side (on the right) that caused the skin over it to become a little puckered, was evening itself out. The skin, that is. It looks smoother than it did.

How to Use Your NuFace for The Best Results

For me, it’s all about the lift and the smile line area. So I concentrate on that. I find that holding on the muscle that you are trying to improve (tone) until it beeps three times and then moving on to the next, makes all of the difference. The great thing is that the NuFace is not painful. I use mine with Aloe Vera gel rather than a standard conductor gel and that works just as well.

I Can’t Feel the NuFace Doing Anything – Is it Broken?

This was my main issue at first. I couldn’t feel anything much as all, so I wrongly assumed that it was either broken or just not very powerful. The thing is, you shouldn’t feel much. If you try using it without any conductor, you will feel the pain believe me! I must say that I do notice my muscles have been worked when I have finished and am in the bath. I’m not sure if worked is the right word, but I feel it’s done it’s job.

So, this is a revised review of the NuFace Mini. I love it and will continue to use it.


Just the time thing. I find it a bit of a drag standing at the mirror and waiting for it to be over. But that’s just me and it’s a small price to pay for the anti-aging benefits it provides.