Skin Care

Retin-A and Dry Skin

Do they go hand in hand?

Have you been thinking about using Retin-A for while? Are you put off with the reports of dry, flaking skin, irritation and soreness?

It’s true that your skin will not be happy when you start applying a dose of Retin-a to it, and it won’t thank you for doing it every night either. It will be desperate for a break and you should respect it on that point.

Retin-A is super-strong and should be used with caution. You don’t need to use much of it and you don’t need to use it every night in order for it to be an effective anti-aging skin care product.

Peeling Skin with Retin-A

This is inconvenient, but it has to be said that it’s not the thing that bothered me the most. Flaking skin can be easily dealt with if you find the right method. I found that using a warm, damp flannel with some oil and rubbing it in circular motions on the peeling patches was perfectly adequate to remove the skin without too much irritation.

Dry Skin with Retin-A

This is where I struggled. The dryness was probably made worse by the fact that I already have naturally dry skin. So,  adding a pea sized amount of tretinoin was like turning it into the Sahara-desert.

This almost put me off continuing to use Retin-A. Six months later and my skin was still way dryer than I would have hoped. This is when I started to look for solutions to help me carry on. I didn’t want to give up. I hate giving up on stuff!

The Solution to Dry Skin from Retin-A

It turned out to be way simpler than I had thought. I’d already looked at loads of youtube videos on the subject and I just didn’t want to spend out a small fortune of remedies that might not work for me. How could I do it cheaply?

Baby oil and Nivea! Yes really. The cheapest of products turned out to be super-effective on the road to soft youthful skin.

All I did was start applying the oil to my skin first. I’d let in sink into my skin for a few minutes, then I’d apply the Retin-A, let it dry and then rub in a thin layer of the really thick Nivea cream. The stuff in the big blue tub.

How is my Skin These Days?

Great. I have been using Retin-A for almost five years and I have switched between different oils over that time, but I am back to my baby oil again. Any oil is fine however.

I wish that I had known this simple trick when I started on my Retin-A journey.