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Buy Tretinoin in The UK

Retin-A otherwise known as Tretinoin is tricky to get in the UK if you don’t know where to look for it.

You may think that you need a prescription from your doctor in order to buy it in the UK, but in actual fact that isn’t the case.

There are a few places that sell tretinoin, either with a prescription (that you get from them) or without one. I must stress that if you do decide to invest in it without a prescription, it’s best to do a lot of research on it as an anti-aging or acne eradication product.

Personally I use if for anti-aging purposes and have been using it for almost four years now.

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Places You Can Buy Tretinoin Without a Prescription

Here, I am going to list the places that I have purchased tretinoin, as I think it’s only fair that I pass on a genuine buying experience to you guys. No point in me recommending somewhere if I haven’t used it myself. It wouldn’t be fair.


Shpock regularly have Tretinoin listed by sellers. I recently discovered this and as you can no longer purchase it on Ebay, it is a great alternative. Prices are competitive and postage costs are reasonable. Obviously you are buying from a person rather than a pharmacy but generally it’s from people that buy it in from places such as Dubai or Spain where it is sold very cheaply over the counter.

How to Buy Retin-A

I was contacted by the guy that owns the website asking if he could leave comments on my Youtube videos promoting his business where he buys and sells Tretinoin. He offered to send me some for free but I thought it was important to go through the whole buying process myself in order to give you accurate information.

I paid via Paypal which I love to do as it gives great buyer protection and my one percent Tretinoin was delivered to me three days later. So great service.

Tretinoin With Prescription

I have had a subscription with Dermatica on and off. Off at the moment as I have purchased from How to Buy Retin-A. It lasts a long time and I didn’t want to waste any. Dermatica issue a prescription for Tretinoin when you have given them some information about your skin and uploaded a few photographs to allow them to see how your skin is without make-up.

I have always found the service to be top-class. You can sub every month or every 56 days depending on how much you think you might get through. This helps if you are on a tight budget

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Disclaimer: I have no medical training and cannot advise on whether Tretinoin is right for you. Whilst there is lots of information on this website about it, I only offer my own experiences so that you may judge whether or not it is right for your skin.