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Beauty Pie Review and Products Purchased

What Do I Make of Beauty Pie’s Subscription Service?

So I finally did it. I’d been thinking about a subscription to BP for some time. The online reviews are excellent and the products look top-quality.

However, I don’t really like to build up too many subscriptions. I have one for my retin-a and one for my collagen. Did I really want another just to allow me to spend more money on Beauty Pie’s website? Because in essence that is what you are doing when you sign up.

How it Works

You choose a subscription amount. I chose to pay them £10 per month in order to be able to spend £200 per month. Sounds a bit nuts doesn’t it? But here’s the thing: You get to buy the products as members prices. So what might be £30 for non-members, is something like £12.25 for members.

What Beauty Pie Products I Purchased

I bought the JEJU daily moisturiser and the Glow Serum. Both arrived within 5 days of ordering in a cute pink box. If I haven’t told you already, I am a sucker for packaging!

I love these products. The moisturiser is really light and creamy. It’s pink too! I have been using Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream which I have to say is awesome. I adore it under foundation. It makes a great primer and really makes my skin glow. However, it is very expensive and I don’t generally spend over £20 on moisturisers. I bought this for £40 at an event last year and I was lucky enough to have a £20 voucher. I always knew that I wouldn’t be re-investing.

So Does JEJU daily moisturiser compare to the Magic Cream? Pretty much. It isn’t quite as luxurious and I do think that I got more of a glow from Charlotte’s cream but it is almost there. It’s good enough, put it that way.

Beauty Pie’s Glow Serum

Now this really is the bomb. I adore this super-glowy thick serum. I say thick, and you might be thinking glupey but nothing could be further from it. This serum is super-smooth and feels so light on my more mature skin. I also find that it smooths the appearance of the lines around my eyes and nothing but nothing has ever managed to do that.

So to sum up. I am very happy with both the service so far and the products I have invested in so far. Yay for Beauty Pie