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Micro-Current Verses Muscle Toning Machine

NuFace Mini or Rio 60 Second Facelift Machine?

Okay, so I have both of these machines. I had been using the 60 second for a year or so when it gave up on me. Or so I thought. It was at that point that I decided to have a go with the NuFace as I’d heard such a lot about it. There were mixed reviews. Some saying how amazing it was and others saying Nope it was not up to much. I wanted to know which was right, or more, which I would agree with.

I should say that at this point I hadn’t checked to see if my Rio 60 second had simply run out of battery! It had but I had shoved it away still presuming it was worn out due to excessive useage.

So when my husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas I said ‘I’ll have the Nuface Mini please’

My New Facelifting Machine Arrived

I was super-excited to start using it. I waited until the New Year until I tore it from it’s lovely packaging. I am a sucker for packaging 😉

I read that the two little lights on the right of the machine indicate the highest setting. That was the one for me.

I loved the conductor gel as it was really very hydrating. Not like other gels I had used with the Rio. I started to use the NuFace and…..nothing. I looked at it over and over. All seemed to be okay. The lights were on but absolutely nothing seemed to be happening. No tingling sensation even. It’s clearly broken I thought.

I had another go. I didn’t apply so much gel this time. Okay, some sort of sensation on one side of my face at least. But I didn’t want a lop-sided face. Was it broken or was this it? This was it.

Continuing to Use My Nuface

I continued to use it four times a week. I wasn’t sure it was doing anything and to be honest I kept wondering whether my first assumption was right. It wasn’t actually working properly. But it was and sorry to say, this machine is not for me.

Rio 60 Second Facelift

I decided to try a new battery just incase. I was so unimpressed with the Nuface that I had decided to purchase another Rio. Stuff the fact that the last one had gone kaput after a year. Actually it was almost 18 months really. It had taken a hammering, so it wasn’t really it’s fault, it was mine. Anyway, yay for the 9 volt battery that I had found stashed at the back of the kitchen drawer. It worked! Perfectly and just as it had before. I was so pleased and immediately put the Nuface back in it’s box.

How is The Rio Better Than the Nuface

I can’t say that it’s better. It may well be as good. I didn’t give it much time but I am someone that likes to feel something working. The Rio is a muscle toning machine although it does have a microcurrent on the 3rd setting which I can really feel. It’s way more powerful than the Nuface current. The muscle toning settings are great. I can’t go past number 8 these days. I seem to have lost some tolerance. But you can see the changes to your face tone and firmness quickly.

How Soon Can You Expect to See Some Results With The Rio 60 Second machine?

Expect to see significant results after a couple of weeks. I love this at home facelifting machine so much and it’s a lot cheaper than the Nuface at around £70. I use it four times a week and I combine it with facial exercises and face Yoga. All have really tightened the muscles on my face meaning that my skin appears tighter and my jawline is much firmer and more defined than it was a year ago.

Would I Recommend The Rio 60 Second?

If you are looking for some facial toning the this at home machine is the perfect solution. You are not going to see major changes, more subtle but noticeable improvements. Be sure not to make wrinkles elsewhere. Where you see your skin creasing in other areas pull it tight as you use the machine. This will stop more lines being made.