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Three Years of Anti-Aging Skin Care Treatments

Before and After My Anti-Aging Skin Care

Before and After My Anti-Aging Skin Care

The most significant change for me is the shape of my face. As we age, we lose volume in our cheeks and particularly our lower cheeks. Jawlines become less defined and everything generally drops!

So here are my before and after anti-aging skin care pictures: You can see the loss of volume in the lower cheek area in the first picture and the hollows in the skin around the laugh lines. These have puffed out somewhat as you can see from the second image 🙂

I had always had quite a full face. Then a couple of years ago I noticed the difference in the volume of it. I had already been using Retin-A for a year or so, and that had significantly improved my skin texture and smoothed out some lines and wrinkles. I hadn’t even thought about doing more to my face, mainly because I thought it would be a waste of time.

I decided to give all things a go! That’s when I also decided to document the changes via a Youtube channel. I have to say that was the main motivation for having the channel. But actually, it’s lots of fun too 🙂

Facial Exercise For Lifting Your face

Yep, this has definitely been a game changer for me. My cheeks have lifted significantly and to be honest, I’m not sure if there is anything else that would give me those results. I’m not up for cheek fillers. I just don’t fancy them. Whatever I can do naturally is the way to go for me. Although I do have botox in my forehead.

You do have to be careful with any sort of facial exercise or yoga. Mainly because you can cause more wrinkles if you don’t isolate each muscle group.

How Long do You Have to Perform Facial Exercise to See Results?

5-10 minutes a day for three months and thereafter 5-10 minutes 3-4 times a week. It takes me about 6 minutes with my routine. I’m only bothered about the lower and upper cheeks and jawline.

My upper cheek area is the most lifted I think. I have been doing the exercises for about four months now.

Static Forehead Lines

anti-aging skin care

Yes I get botox so I can’t often move my head all the much, but as you can see, those deep static lines are not there. The second image is about 3 months after a botox treatment, so some movement is back. The lines on my head were probably the only thing that really bothered me when I started with this skin care project. I think, when you see yourself day in day out, you don’t much see the other changes to your face that occur over a long period of time.

I never expected my head could look this smooth! When I don’t have botox for a year or so, then obviously I have some stronger lines, but they are nothing like they were. I almost forget how my head looked before.


Game changer for sure! Yep, Retin-A is the absolute holy grail when it comes to skin firming, smoothing, line removing and wrinkle reduction. I say reduction, as you will not remove wrinkles using Retin-A. Your skin texture will change and they may become less visible, but they will not disappear.

Glycolic Acid

Whilst this does irritate my skin slightly, it is also a really effective anti-aging product. What is it? Glycolic acid is a deep exfoliator. It gets deeper into the skin that any other exfoliating product. Use it on spots to break them down super-quick!

The combination of glycolic in the mornings and tretinoin at night has cleared and smoothed my skin, making it appear more youthful.

My skin care routine is fairly efficient. I am consistent with it, but on the odd occasion, usually after a night out, I might go to bed with my make-up on 😉

I love the fact that there are things that we can do to keep ourselves looking good. I just want the face in the mirror to look as young as I feel.