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Absolute Collagen Review

An unbiased review of a marine collagen supplement

I am 48, so I know that we lose collagen as we age. I know this because I make it my business to know everything there is to know about how I can reverse the ageing process. Collagen diminishes and it isn’t as fresh as it used to be. Always up for a challenge; I was asked by a couple of readers, to review Absolute Collagen, so I did!

I have been taking it for almost four weeks and after looking at the before and after’s on their own website I was rather looking forward to starting my new regime.

My Collagen Arrived

I was pretty excited to receive my first box. It arrived just two days after I signed up for my subscription. The downside to this amazing product, is that it is quite expensive as you only get a two week supply at a time and each box of 14 will set you back £26.99.

First Impressions of Absolute Collagen

Taste wise, it’s pleasant enough. It tastes of lemon curd and I like lemon curd 🙂

Texture wise, it is horrible! It’s thick and glupey and makes me shudder every time I swallow it. That said, I have since discovered that you can take it with warm water, tea, squash….

However, I’d rather just get it over with in one hard swallow. Then I can enjoy my morning cup of green tea 🙂

My Results so Far

Anti-Aging Results? I’m really pleased to say, so far so good. My skin feels softer. My fine lines are most definitely reduced, my skin feels tighter, plump and pudgy. Yes, that’s most definitely a word because I didn’t get the red line under it! That is the best description for how my skin feels taking absolute collagen.

My hands look younger and my whole body feels better. I don’t mean just my skin, I mean, me as a whole. Yes, my skin feels super-soft and moisturised, even when it’s not been treated to a moisturiser, but I feel more energetic and I no longer have pain in my knee from an old injury. I have had pain there for over 12 years consistently, so happy days 🙂 I’d pay for this great collagen supplement for this reason alone.

My Facial Results – Do I Look Younger? Not sure, but I feel it!

4 weeks After
4 weeks After