Skin Care

A Year to Look Ten Years Younger

Anti-Aging Skin Care Products and Techniques That Really Work

Surely it’s not possible to look ten years younger in a year….is it?

I used to be firmly in the ‘it’s all marketing hype’ camp. I didn’t believe that there was anything that really improved lines and wrinkles and made you look younger. I used to wash my face and moisturise it with Nivea. That was that, and I didn’t intend to change my routine up any time soon.

Then I hit the grand old age of 42 and suddenly all of these extra lines and wrinkles appeared overnight. They probably didn’t of course. I just started noticing them. Looking too closely in the mirror in the mornings is the start of the slippery slope. I decided that something had to be done, only I had no idea what I could do. Nothing worked right? Perhaps I am stuck like this and it will only go down hill from here. I thought.

I tried lots of products promising to rid me if lines, wrinkles even. Anti-aging came in a little bottle (an over-priced one) it seemed. My first adventure into anti-aging skin care came in the form of Unique’s eye serum. There were loads of great reviews online and on youtube. This is it thought. Nope. Didn’t work for me. It did leave my skin feeling lovely and soft, but I still looked 42 when the bottle was empty.

I tried a few more expensive products but nothing seemed to make the slightest difference. I concluded that my first impression was right. It was all nonsense. I’d have to resort to botox, fillers or a facelift if I wanted to look ten years younger.

I Discovered Tretinoin

I had started to look at Youtube and was hearing loads about a product called tretinoin, or Retin-a, as it’s more commonly known. I looked at video after video and read up on the cream. I discovered it’s vitamin A, a retinoid, the gold standard when it comes to anti-aging.

After lots of research I decided to give it a go. The first three-six months were quite horrible it has to be said. I peeled, I peeled, and I peeled some more. My skin was super-dry and I appeared to have more lines than when I started. I knew this would happen though. I had researched thoroughly and when it came down to it. I didn’t want to give up. It was worth the effort. Tretinoin has been the key to improving my skin texture and the fine lines around my eyes and on my forehead. I started to really believe that I could indeed look ten years younger 🙂

retin-a 1% results

Can you see the changes to the texture of my skin? Those static lines on my forehead are much improved too. My skin has a glow that it never used to have.

one year to look ten years younger

Micro-Needling or Derma-rolling to Reduce Lines and Wrinkles

I use a derma-roller all over my face and then apply my tretinoin. It’s hardcore, and if you are new to either treatment, I would urge you to think carefully before you do both.

Micro-needling with a derma-roller is a great way to keep your skin youthful. The tiny needles pierce the skin, making teeny-weeny holes. Sometimes they draw a little blood, but that’s perfectly normal. This micro-damage kicks in the healing response. New collagen is produced. Hey presto! Micro-needling helps to maintain skin elasticity and firmness. I use a 1mm needle but I have been doing this for a long time. Start with a 0.5mm to be on the safe side.


My lovely friend Sam is a beautician and was one of the first mobile therapists to qualify in derma-planing, where the top layer of skin (as well as the fine hair) is removed with a surgical blade to expose fresh pink, soft skin.

This is a great treatment but should only be carried out once every four-six weeks. I purchased a blade and now do my own treatments. I can’t recommend you do it yourself however, there’s a good chance you might cut yourself as I have done on a couple of occasions. I’d recommend booking in with a therapist.

Glycolic Acid for Wrinkles

I love, love, love glycolic for anti-aging. I have used it for around two years and have only recently stopped. Unfortunately if it gets onto my lips then I always get a cold sore the following day! I could be more careful of course. I made the decision to stop using it because I am often careless in the mornings due to the fact that I am like a zombie and my brain doesn’t kick in until around 10am!

Skin Tightening With a Turmeric Face Mask

I love using turmeric as a mask. I do 7 days in a row and then stop for a few weeks. Turmeric has so many amazing properties. It is a skin lightener too which is great if you have sun damage, spots or red skin.

  • One teaspoon of ground turmeric
  • One tablespoon of natural yogurt
  • One teaspoon of honey

Mix the ingredients together and apply to your whole face with a brush. It’s messy, it stains, so don’t use your fingers or you’ll look like a heavy smoker!

Leave the tightening mask to dry (30 mins) and remove with a warm water and a flannel. You can remove it from your hairline with some baby oil and cotton wool.

I highly recommend this mask for firming, tightening and softening the skin.


Finally, drink around 6-8 glasses of water every day. This keeps it hydrated and lessens the appearance of fine lines as well as improving the overall texture of your skin.