Skin Care

Getting Dermal Filler For The First Time

My Experience With Hyaluronic acid Filler for Smile Lines

‘I will absolutely never, under any circumstances get filler….like anywhere, ever!’

That’s what I said and I meant it. Filler makes you look fat in the face, bloated and weird…doesn’t it?

I was talking to the girl that does my nails. We were casually chatting about getting older, not looking the same, and all that stuff that you talk about when you get past 40. ‘Of course, I have filler here, here and here’ she informed me casually whilst pointing at the various places on her face that look completely natural and non-fillery.

‘What?’ I said astonished. I would never have known. She looks amazing and fresh faced but I assumed that’s how you still look when you’re not quite forty yet. I couldn’t remember whether or not I’d looked that beautifully plump-faced or not. That’s because you don’t appreciate what you’ve got at the time. Probably because everything is all lovely and young looking so you don’t notice.

I Decided to Do It!

In that moment I was converted. It was as if Harry Potter had appeared behind me and waved his wand, that doesn’t actually look like a proper wand, and cast his devilish spell on me. I immediately contacted Paul who does my botox and made an appointment.

The following Wednesday I popped into his surgery and had the holes in my smile lines filled. There, done, all good right?

Well….no not really. Why? Because I was super-busy that week and I hadn’t had time to do my research. I just assumed it would be like getting botox. I might get a bruise or two but they would go down in a few days and I’d forget I’d even had anything done and assume I’d always looked like this.

dermal filler before and after

After Effects of Filler Injections – What I Didn’t Expect

Swelling…lots of swelling on one side. Tender lumpy bits and the niggling feeling that perhaps I looked okay as I was.

This didn’t happen immediately. The following day it was fine and I admired my subtle but significant enough to me change in my smile lines. I liked the effect and ignored the annoying pulsing pain in my right cheek because, hey I looked good.

The next day I was in more discomfort. Not a huge amount, but enough for it to bring the swelling to my attention and to start Googling ‘Swelling from filler injections’ That was the last time I did that.

I emailed Paul who was away and told him I was a little concerned. He wasn’t worried as he was sure it wasn’t an infection and he reassured me it would go down soon. He advised me to use a cold compress and massage the area. I tried both and decided to leave well alone.

How Much Should You Expend to Pay for Filler Injections?

Filler Cost: I paid £250 for my smile lines. Cost depends on how much you get injected and whether or not the result you are looking for can be achieved with one syringe. I easily got away with just one but if you are having cheek filler for example, you might well be looking at double that cost.

I use Paul Sylvester – Bath

How Long Does Filler Last?

Around 9-12 months so a pretty good investment when you consider how quickly botox effects wear off. If you are one of the lucky ones it may even last up to eighteen months. It all depends on your metabolism.

My Conclusion – Would I Have Dermal Filler Again?

Paul was right of course. The swelling subsided and all is well. I do love the result. I haven’t decided whether or not to have it again. It took a good two weeks to go back to normal, or should I say my new form of normal. I stopped being concerned thinking, well there’s not a lot I can do about it right now and if the worst comes to the worst I can always have it dissolved. I didn’t want to do that but it was there as a last resort.

I do think that I am a little unusual. Most people only swell for a few days at most and some not at all. Infections are extremely rare when you use a certified professional to carry out your injections.

I would advise you to look at the contra-indication list though. If you are highly allergic then you probably won’t be a suitable candidate for Hyaluronic acid filler.