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What to Expect When You Get Botox Injected Into Your Forehead

Cosmetic Treatments

First of all, there is a distinct different between botox and fillers. One freezes the muscles or at least restricts movement and the other fills gaps, dips or scars to reveal a smoother, fuller surface.

Some people have filler and botox on the forehead so that they can fill deep set wrinkles that might not look much improved with just one or the other. Restricted movement lessens the appearance of deep wrinkles and also improves the appearance of static lines.

My Botox before and after pictures

What Questions to ask Your Botox Provider

  • How long they have been practising
  • How much they charge for each area
  • Is the follow-up appointment free of charge
  • Do they have before and after’s that you can see first
  • Can you have a free consultation

Treatment and After-care

The treatment itself only takes a few minutes. A good aesthetician will mark out the injection sites with a white pencil first. You should expect he or she to take good care and to study your frown quite a bit before placing the markers.

The injections are sharp little pin pricks and in my case, they are quite painful. For the full head you will have around 8-10 injection sites. If you are only having the glabella region injected then you can expect around 4 injection sites.

Lumps and Bruising Caused by Botox Injections

Expect some bruising and a few lumps and you can only be pleasantly surprised if you don’t get any! I get both. The lumps are quite large and can be alarming with the first treatment, but they are usually gone the next day. Bruising takes around two weeks to settle.

Follow-Up Appointment

You should always be offered a second appointment where your aesthetician checks the result and tweaks where necessary. You should never have to pay for this second treatment. If you are told that you do then you should find another practitioner.

Complications to Consider

Common side-effects are bruising and swelling. Not so common is drooping eyelid and heavy brows.

Sometimes some of the botox may travel to the surrounding muscles and this is why the eyelid might droop. This generally sorts itself out within 6 weeks or so.

Heavy brows probably means that you were injected in the wrong place. That’s why it’s imperative that your provider does the frown and the lift check before marking out the injection sites.

Of course there are always risks with any cosmetic treatment or any treatment of any kind. You just have to weigh up your needs with those potential problems. That said, there is a high chance that everything will be absolutely fine.

Do your research and make sure that you don’t go for cheap as I can absolutely promise you that cheap is not the way to go when it comes to your face.