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My Perfect Facial Review

Skin Tightening Mask for Mature Skin

I had hopes for this mask, but not high ones. I’ve used My Perfect Eyesand in fact, I still have half a bottle in my bathroom cupboard. That’s not because it rubbish or anything. It’s because I used to use it on my forehead to immediately and temporarily cover lines and wrinkles. It really is superb for that job. I currently have botox so I just don’t have the need for it at the moment.

But back to My Perfect Facial. So there I was, having absolutely no expectation of it at all. I’d almost forgotten that I’d ordered it. I wasn’t eagerly awaiting it even. I knew that I wanted to try it because I’d heard so much about it and I thought that my Youtube subscribers might like to hear how average it was.

Nothing Average Here

Did I say average? I have come to the conclusion that The Perfect Cosmetics Company don’t do average. I think that there is a lot to be said for doing only a few products and doing them well. This product does what it says and then some.

Clearly my skin isn’t too bad. Good for my age I suppose people would say. However, I do have problem areas, or rather, areas that could do with a bit of tightening. This is exactly what happened with My Perfect Facial. From what I have seen it seems that everyone has a different experience with this anti-ageing face mask. By that, I mean that some marvel at the softness of their skin after removal, some say it firms and some say it reduces wrinkles, you know the one’s that show even when you’re not close up to the mirror.

My Experience

So first of all I must say that I hated having to mix the mask up myself. It wasn’t difficult, it wasn’t that fiddly even. It was just inconvenient. I guess the logic here is that by mixing it up ourselves, we perceive greater authenticity. It’s a subconscious thing. I get that, I really do. But now they’ve developed it and we all know how great it is, please might they put the lot into one big pot and be done with it? That’s one for my wish list I think.

Applying The Mix

It was messy and a bit cold. You are instructed to swipe the fanned brush outwards and upwards presumably to lift the skin rather than drag it down. I looked like an absolute nutcase when it was drying. Just a word of warning. I used it on my head too and I have botox there. It bubbled up a bit when removed (my skin) it went down about half an hour later but it looked a bit odd at the time.

You must wait between 20-30 minutes in a zombie like state. Not brain dead, just face frozen, eyes dragging downwards and rigid lips. I must say that the one amazing result here was that my lips were fuller for a day or so afterwards. I think this is because the skin around the mouth is pulled tight pulling the lips out a little.

Washing Off

Yay, time to rinse off. It was itchy at 15 minutes and driving me crazy by 20. I didn’t get close to 30. Anyway, that didn’t seem to matter. Wow, my skin was super soft, smooth and tighter. It felt amazing. This won’t last, I said out loud. Only it did last. I woke up the following day to beautifully soft skin that still felt a little firmer than it did two days previously.

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Bloody hell, look at all that sun damage!


Amazing tightening face mask. I am going to continue buying My Perfect Facial and that’s at £33 a pop. You get five applications for this price, so believe me when I say that it’s bloody good. If it wasn’t then I would not even consider repeating the purchase. The itching continues so I guess I’m just super sensitive to the ingredients. It doesn’t seem to irritate my skin afterwards though so I can put up with it. Loving this product.

My Rating | 10/10