How to Manifest a Specific Person Into Your Life

Using The Law of Attraction to Bring People Into Your Life

This is literally the biggest question for most people. Can you really manifest a specific person into your life using The Law of Attraction? The answer is YES. People are the same as anything else. Everything is energy. A person is no more difficult to manifest than an object, a new job or a new career. The thing is that we become incredibly attached to people. We assume they have free will, so how on earth can we manifest them into our lives just because we want them to be there?

What is Free Will?

We all think that we have free will. We believe that the decisions we make in our lives are all based around what we want and desire. What we don’t realise is that everyone is reacting to other people’s desires. Take a look at my video on the subject for a better insight into this phenomena.

But Surely People are Different?

You’d think so wouldn’t you? But the fact is that we are not. I have re-told an example of manifesting an exact message from someone in my latest Evie Sparkes Youtube video.

Best Advice For Manifesting a Person Back Into Your Life

The very first thing you need to do is to drop all of the clutter around that person. By this I mean the negative stuff around the end of the relationship. Whether it’s an ex or an ex-friend it doesn’t matter. You must start to think of them in another way. Forget the person you knew. You need to create the version that you want to see. Although this may sound ridiculous and damn right impossible, it isn’t.

Imagination is key

Letting Go of The Past

I’ve never been a person that holds onto hurt. I don’t regret and I don’t dwell in guilt. This is key to manifesting people. You simply have to let go of everything negative. remember what I said. You don’t want that version anyway. Holding onto resentment is a killer. It serves no purpose. Just ask yourself ‘does this serve me?’ when you are feeling resentment towards someone or anyone come to that. The answer will always be no. Don’t drink the poison and expect someone else to get sick. The only one to suffer will be you. Why would you do that to yourself? You cannot manifest a specific person back to you in a good and positive way if you are holding onto past hurt. That’s just a fact.

So in essence, you are starting from scratch. You aren’t trying to being that person back. You are bring this new version into your life. So drop all of the clutter. You don’t need it. Circumstances don’t matter. Don’t ask me how that’s possible but they just aren’t.

Stop Trying to Understand This

Once you let go of the need to know you will flourish. Just think of it as crazy magic that doesn’t make any sense at all. Then you take away that part that needs to know because you understand that you can’t know. It’s magic, and who can work that out?

How long Does It Take to Manifest a Specific Person?

How long will it take you to detach and let go? That’s all there is to it. Time means nothing really. If you have let go and given over to the magic then no time at all. Sometimes the same day. Seriously? Yes! Don’t look for an explanation for that kind of crazy. If you do then you end up coming up with all sorts of reasons (based around past experience) that couldn’t happen for you. You’ll say, but he did this, or she did that, so how can they possibly come back so soon? Well that I don’t know. It makes no sense at all. You can’t rationalise it and you shouldn’t try to. It just is that way. Life really is as weird as that 😉

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