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Lavié Labs Retinol and Vitamin C Serum Oulala

What I thought of this anti-aging serum

First off I have to say that I was given this product in return for an honest review. That’s exactly what I will be giving. I love a freebie but it doesn’t mean that I’ll give a dishonest review. Lavié Labs were keen that I have a completely honest review and there were no don’t say this or do say that’s.

They also gave me a firming cream which I wasn’t expecting which was a nice bonus. Whilst I will also review that, it’s not the sort of product I generally use as you will know.

retinol and vitamin C for anti-aging


I am very used to Retin-a now as I have been using it for almost two years so I was sure that I wouldn’t have a problem using retinol. This particular serum is combined with vitamin C which as a rule, I don’t get along with. I didn’t let that put me off though. To my surprise I didn’t have any of the usual stinging that I get with vitamin C. Perhaps as it’s diluted into the retinol? Not sure.

I suppose I hadn’t ever used retinol because of my retin-a use. It’s a weaker version of tretinoin so it almost seemed like a waste of time. The thing is, I have been thinking about giving up on glycolic due to the fact that if I happen to get any of the product on my lips I break out in a cold sore a day or so later. So this is a good alternative. That was my thinking when I started using it anyway. Was it how I felt at the end of the two week trial?

My Conclusion

Okay, here are my conclusions on the retinol and Vitamin C serum. I love it! So much so that I have decided to swap my Glycolic acid cream for this little pot of anti-aging wonder.

It’s thick and goes on smoothly. It makes my skin feel firmer, particularly around my eyes where I concentrated it.

The consistency is nice and smooth and I liked the orange colour. I just did! As soon as I apply it I can feel a tightening around my eyes which I like. It does leave my skin a little pink for a few minutes but this passes and it doesn’t feel sore at all. I’m not sure why it goes pink but I assume it’s the vitamin C rather than the retinol and retin-a does not cause my skin to colour up at all.

This serum is non-drying which for me is an absolute bonus as I have naturally pretty dry skin. I wouldn’t want to use anything in the daytime that dried it out even more.

I use it in the mornings after I have applied my usual oil which is generally a light baby oil.

retinol anti ageing best results


There was just one very tiny negative and that was the fact that the dropper didn’t really drop. It didn’t seem to be faulty so I can only assume that it’s down to the consistency of the product itself. I found myself wiping the dropper over my skin as that was more efficient that scraping it from the dropper.

Firming Cream

I liked this product but I only used it on my neck. I always said that I wouldn’t give up on my retin-a even for a couple of weeks. So I decided that it was perhaps best to concentrate on the neck area.

The product itself is thick and rich. It felt lovely on my skin and made it feel super-soft. I felt that I’d probably have to use it all of the time as I don’t think it had a cumulative effect.

My Overall Conclusions

I will absolutely be continuing to use the Oulala retinol and vitamin C serum. I love it and I feel it’s having a very positive anti-aging effect on my skin.

It’s a quality product and the bottle is solid.

I won’t purchase the firming cream but that is not because I didn’t like it. If I was into this type of product then it is as good as the best and better than most.

Lavié were very quick in getting back to me and they delivered promptly. I received my parcel within 3 days of committing to an honest review. Their website is professional and they offer more great products.

As a company I would recommend them.

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