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The Best Moisturising Skin Care Products For Dry Skin

Very Dry Skin

I do and have always had dry skin. I’ve noticed it more over the last five years or so and that’s because unfortunately dry skin does wonders to accentuate lines and wrinkles.

Whilst we can’t do anything about getting older, we can improve the way our skin ages. It’s not vain and it’s not self-obsessed. We are taking pride in the way that we look and that in turn makes us feel good. Why wouldn’t you want your skin to look good?

I use only a few very cheap skin care products and get amazing results. Better than expensive creams and potions that I have tried over the years. I love using inexpensive products and showing you the results that are possible without taking out a bank loan in order to get them!


I have been using this awesome moisturiser for years now! It’s perfect for a deep moisturise and works amazingly well in combination with Retin-A. I buy the smallest pot and it lasts me approximately two months. My skin is naturally dry so I really do need to keep it hydrated and moisturised.

Nivea is very thick and rich and does wonders for my dry skin, not to even mention the fact that it’s super cheap!

I rub it into my skin before I go to bed and before I apply my vaseline. I have seen some YouTubers leave it on their skin at night without rubbing it in. I can’t do that. I don’t want to end up with cream in my hair. I will end up with it in my hair and that’s a fact 😉

cheap moisturisers from very dry skin

Epaderm Hydrating Cream

I love this hydrating cream moisturiser. It’s very light and really helps plump my skin. Epaderm’s hydrating properties mean that it compliments my dry skin moisturising routine to perfection. You can find it in the baby section in Sainsbury’s! Actually it’s readily available for purchase in most pharmacies and supermarkets.


I can’t go on about the benefits of this cheap little pot of wonder enough. The smallest pot is 0.99 and it’s by far the best skin softener around. It isn’t a moisturiser but it does lock moisture into the skin. When I have applied my moisturisers, I rub a little vaseline into the whole of my face. I don’t run it in around my eyes though, I let it sit on the surface of the skin and just dab at it slightly.

Cheap Skin Care Products

I know that I say this all of the time but I’m going to say it again anyway! You DO NOT need to spend lots of money on skin care to get amazing results. The more you spend, the greater the chance of disappointment. When you don’t spend so much you don’t expect much and you can only be pleasantly surprised 🙂

The Best Moisturising Skin Care Products for Retin-A Peeling

I had the dreaded retin-a peelies for over three months. I had the excessively dry skin for around six months. I can honestly say that since going back to basics and using these three products, I have seen a huge improvement in these areas. I no longer peel. My skin for the most part, feels good.

On the odd day my skin might be a little drier than usual. This is generally down to a night out and going to bed without removing my makeup!

I can bring my skin back to life but it might be a few days before it feels as soft as it did before the night in question 😉

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