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The Difference Between Men and Women

Is There Really a Difference Between Men and Women?

Women often fall into the trap of assuming we are all the same. If you believe that in essence men and women think the same then you are mistaken. It’s not just me that says it. It’s evolution. Men are different physically and mentally. They think differently, they don’t analyse like we women do. They tend to be more reactive and see things in back and white rather than the grey tones that we see. Basically we are more evolved in every way!

How Women Think in Relationships

Women tend to process information externally. If we are worried about something we are eager to get it out into the open. We can’t understand why anyone would leave something to fester inside until it becomes this huge issue that could have been nipped in the bud when it was a teeny tiny one.

Men get scared when women want to talk. When I call to my husband and say ‘come here a minute’ he always tells me those words scare him. Like literally every time I say them he responds with the same thing. Which is odd because I don’t nag. It’s usually something like what’s the password for this or that or What time are you going out with your mum?  I don’t give him any reason to quake, but he does it anyway. I guess he reasons that statistically a moan is coming.

Most of the time when we want to talk we just want to vent. We aren’t expecting men to fix anything, just to listen and nod in all the right places.

Men tend to switch off from the day to day stuff. They don’t really care that the queue in Sainsbury’s was ridiculously long or that you accidentally walked under a ladder that morning. Their minds tend not to fill up with the trivial things.

How Men Think in Relationships

Men are fearful of sharing deeper thoughts with the woman in their lives. They don’t get the emotional way women sometimes react to big conversations about the relationship. Men process their feelings internally to the point of moodiness. They just don’t want to have to have a big talk or make it into a huge issue, not realising that’s what it’s become anyway. It’s how they are programmed. Like I said, it’s in their DNA. It infuriates us because we want a debate or a discussion and they’d rather watch Netflix or go to bed early with a headache.

Interestingly higher levels of testosterone are associated with lower sensitivity to negativity. I get that. Men can ignore the sometimes glaring issues inside of their relationship. We think they’re silently seething but really they don’t give a shit.

Men and Dating

Men work on assumption. If a guy approaches a woman and she’s a little shy she might come across as disinterested and he’s likely to walk away before the conversation even gets going. He doesn’t try hard enough to get some real conversation going and he misses out on what might have been something wonderful.

Yes men look at other women. It’s just the way they are built. I can appreciate a beautiful woman so why shouldn’t my husband do the same? In fact we often comment together! Women get hung up about their man appreciating another woman’s beauty. They think it says something about their relationship but it doesn’t necessarily mean that. The difference between the sexes is that we try hard not to look at a gorgeous man. We don’t want either him or our partner to know we find him attractive. That’s because we are more sensitive than men. Testosterone takes over and they don’t think before they look.

Embrace our differences. If men were like us we’d probably moan about that too.

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