How to Stop Missing Someone You Love and Get Over a Break-up

When we miss someone, it’s incredibly hard to let go of that feeling and move on to a better place. In this post I will give you an easy technique that will teach you how to stop missing someone and quickly!

What we miss is the way that person made us feel and the things we planned to do together. When both have gone, it’s tough to see light at the end of the tunnel. We feel like we will always feel this loss and will never get back to the person we were before we met them.

How to Stop Missing Someone With The Law of Attraction or CBT

If you don’t understand the law of attraction, aren’t interested or just think it’s damn right ridiculous then it doesn’t matter. This works for anyone and it’s really a form of cognitive behavioural therapy. You don’t have to believe in woowoo and crazy stuff like that if that’s how you see it.

All you are learning to do here is switch up your vibe. I love the word vibe, so I’ll use that, but you might call it feelings, state of mind or state of being.

How to Switch Your Vibe

It’s not as tough as it seems, in fact I’d say it’s pretty simple. I have learnt to do it at the drop of a hat. I can go from feeling negative or bad about something, sad or damn right miserable to happier, positive or enthusiastic in an instant.

You know when you feel bad? The feeling you have that encompasses you and makes you feel crap all day long? Well that’s what we are ditching here. We are going to alter our internal state from one of missing to accepting. I say accepting, because it’s a good start and allows our rational brain to believe it’s possible. If I tell you you can go from missing to happy to be alone you will find this too hard to accept and you’ll click away to something more sensible instead. Remember this: Sensible and normal are boring!

Sitting Comfortably?

After a while you’ll be able to do this anywhere at any time. But for now sit quietly all by yourself and find the feeling. The bad one I mean, the one that is making you feel crap. Let it make you feel as rubbish as it can. Leave it to do it’s stuff. Don’t fight the feelings at all. You might even cry at this point but you will feel better afterwards.

Once you have done this for a few minutes it’s time to be done with it. It’s time to switch from missing to acceptance. YES you can do it before you say you can’t possibly do such a thing.

Get the feeling of accepting your current situation. It’s here, live with it. Say acceptance to yourself and let the feeling of it come to you. This is not witch craft, it’s not magic, it’s just what we can all do, so we might as well make it work for us right?

When you have the feeling, sit with it for as long as possible. It’s perfectly usual for it to go, and leave you feeling wth? That’s okay. Bring it back. It will go, then bring it back and so on.

Daily Exercise to Improve Your Inner State

If you really want to stop missing someone you love then you need to do this exercise daily. I have done it so I’m not making this stuff up and hoping for the best. When you find it easier to get the feeling, try doing it whilst busying yourself with work or reading, watching the TV, or anything at any time. It gets easier. It becomes fun and you realise you have all of this power. What are you going to do with it now?

When I feel a bit low I use this technique. I relentlessly become the positive opposite of what’s bothering me. It works every time and it’s as simple as waving a magic wand. As with everything worth while however, it takes a little time to master although not much.

You will find yourself free of your missing him state sooner than you can imagine.