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The Best bb Creams for Mature Skin to Give You a Natural Glow

As I’ve aged, I’ve changed my skin care routine quite drastically. I used to love the full coverage foundation look, now I don’t. Mature skin needs a little more attention to detail.

When you start to show signs of ageing, and by that I mean fine lines around your eyes and deeper creases where there was once super-smooth youthful skin, you need to tone down that heavy base and go for something a little more flattering that allows your skin to breath and look like skin, rather than face paint.

For me, I have deep lines around my eyes when I laugh and smile. I do that a lot 🙂 Laughing is what keeps me going through the tougher times. I won’t stop doing that, not even for the sake of beauty. So with that in mind, a full coverage foundation was just not cutting it for me anymore. My lines were looking worse and the foundation was settling into them very comfortably!

How to Find The Best bb Cream for Mature Skin

I have tried a lot of products, and I mean lots. I was starting to think that it just wasn’t possible to have beautiful glowing skin at my age. I was done, doomed to look like a lesser version of 30’s me.

What looked good on other people, younger people, simply did not do it for me. Going from full coverage to a lighter look is actually quite a tough transition, way harder to do than I imagined. Let’s get to the point here; I love my make-up. My bare face isn’t for public viewing. I know some people are super-confident in their own un-made face, but not me. I envy my sister-in-law who couldn’t give a stuff and regularly goes without any make-up and in public too! She is a crazy person clearly. Only she seems really rather sane. She can’t be though right?

Other Beauty Channels on Youtube

I have looked at tons of them. Yes all of the women there look amazing, beautiful, not at all over 40. Maybe I was looking at the wrong channels?

I started to look at more mature ladies shall we say. Those over 45 who still had that beautiful dewy glow and seemed to be maintaining it without very much effort.

I think it’s been weird for me to accept that I have to stop looking at twenty something channels for inspiration because I am indeed over 40, no matter how much I feel like I’m still 25. I don’t like the term mature skin. It conjures up visions of wrinkly old ladies in flannel nightdresses. But that’s just me. I ought to be embracing my 40’s I decided. I am way more confident now anyway and I am a real life author at last. My 40’s are great, yay! I have finally accepted my age.

Now I have been inspired to start my own channel. I know so much about this skin care and beauty thing now so why not!

illuminators for mature skin

The Best Beauty Products for a Dewy Glow

So here they are. My very favourite products to date. It’s taken me a while to find them and the first was a punt as I hadn’t seen anyone using it and I took the reviews on Amazon as real and true….and there were.

This amazingly light BB cream comes in a pot much like a compressed powder. Only it isn’t. I was confused at first because it wasn’t quite what I was expecting.

STQANON BB Cream Cushion Foundation Makeup Long Lasting Cover 


It’s a wet product not dry as I had initially thought. It comes with a sponge which you press into the damp pad. No way, I thought. This isn’t going to do a thing. What an utter waste of money.

Think again Rachel. This is by far the best light coverage cream I have every used and I will be using it forever and ever and probably ever. I can’t rave on about it enough. It’s so light yet it does cover. It leaved the most beautiful glow and looks like my skin. Yes it looks like my skin and I love it.

You only need a little and all you do is gently dab it in with the sponge.

Okay you can still see my skin discolouration in places and the freckles on my nose, but that’s what I wanted. Well, the freckles are cute but the damage not so much. Still, I can’t be doing with covering up every single imperfection on my face in the mornings. It’s really only us that notice them anyway.

Oooo a bit too close for comfort!

Under Eye Concealer – Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream No.21

Yes, I use another BB cream under my eyes as a concealer, quite simply because it is the best illuminating cream I could find. I have been using this one for ages and I only use the smallest spot under each eye.

It’s very light and a little too light for the whole face. I have tried the next shade up but that just doesn’t seem as good in general. I am loving this product and recommend it for the whole face if you are very fair skinned. Korean beauty products are amazing in my humble opinion, and reasonably inexpensive too.

BB Cream

I hope this has been an informative post if your skin is ageing and you are looking for some light-weight creams for your face that give it that youthful appearance. Check back for more beauty posts next week!

Rachel x

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