Is The Law of Attraction Real Or is it All About Coincidence?

This is something I hear a lot. Mostly I hear people saying it’s a scam, the law of attraction is nonsense. First of all let me say that everyone is entitled to think whatever they like. I don’t impose my views or beliefs on anyone else. These views are mine and mine alone.

Surely coincidence is way weirder a concept than LOA or the fact that we might just be creating our own lives as we go, through our thoughts, imagination and actions. To believe anything else seems crazy to me, but that’s just me. I have come to see that I have created and will create everything in my life. From my experiences to my interactions with people. The way I behave has an effect on how others behave. It is said that we get back a mirror image of what we give, and that’s been somewhat true in my experience.

When I was discussing a person I hadn’t seen for years with a friend, was it coincidence that I saw them that very afternoon? You might think yeah, of course it was. I choose to see the craziness in that notion and the complete faith that I brought them into my reality simply be thinking about them and adding some emotion to that thought.

Rules are Made to be Broken

When it comes to the law of attraction, I do not follow the rules! When I did, I had varying degrees of success. The problem is that when we decide that someone else’s way is the best way, because they are having the crazy success doing it that way, we start to think that’s the right way. That couldn’t be further away from the truth. No-one’s way is the right way. Well, it for them, but not necessarily for you.

You can give up on LOA of course, but really how can you? What you are really giving up on is the belief that you are able to create your own reality. You can’t not use LOA because it’s just life. You will continue to create your own path with your thoughts and feelings only you won’t be doing that in an intuitive way. You’ll be all over the place and creating stuff you’ll blame on bad luck or other people.

This is a topic I write about and talk about online. I don’t however, bang on about it to my friends and family or anyone else who will listen. It’s almost like a religion. Actually that’s exactly what it is. It’s having complete faith in something you can’t see.

How Can I Test The Law of Attraction?

Make a list of a few things you would like. Just little things, stuff you have no attachment to. By attachment I mean, you aren’t all that bothered if you get them or not, but it would be nice.

My son and I used to decide to see bright pink cars, bright yellow cars and then we moved on to Union Jack cars! We did this because it was way more unlikely to see one and we’d know for sure then! Back then, we were just playing with this stuff though. We were’t sure still. Even after seeing a Union Jack Mini two days later, we were still thinking: Coincidence.

Believing in LOA Takes Time

Well it did for me. I wanted to believe, I just wasn’t quite there. I did load of the small stuff for a couple of months. Even down to choosing to see purple butterflies. I wanted a swarm of them. I was convinced that couldn’t possibly happen though. Three days later when I had given up completely on that mental manifestation, I turned over the TV to see an old episode of QI, where guess what they were showing? A picture of several purple butterflies! Coincidence? I didn’t think so.

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