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Nip+Fab Glycolic Fix Liquid Glow

How to get a Natural Glow

This glycolic acid is a toner and another fantastically effective skin care product from the Nip+Fab range.

I apply this glycolic fix serum right after I wash my face in the morning. Yep, I actually wash my face with water! I do this mostly because I am very zombie like in the mornings at it wakes me right up.

nip and fab liquid glow review

How does Glycolic work?

It effectively removes the outermost layer of dead cells from the skin, revealing brighter, fresher skin. Products that contain Glycolic Acid are used often to treat scarring, skin discolouration, lines and wrinkles. And that’s official!

What’s so Special About Nip+Fab?

I’m not sure why this glycolic toner is better than others I have used. It’s more effective (for me) at tightening and firming my skin for a few hours after use than other brands I have used in the past. I read the reviews before I purchased as I am way better at NOT making impulse skin care purchases these days. I want to have a good idea that it really is going to do as the marketing says it does.

My Skin Feels Soft and has the Promised Glow

I find my skin is super-soft and glowy after applying the liquid to it with a flat cotton pad. I use it all over my face and press fairly hard into my skin with the pad. I almost don’t want to put any other skin care on top of it, it looks so good.


I find you do have to use quite a bit but to be honest that might just be my heavy handedness. One bottle only lasts me around 4 weeks.

Where to buy Nip+Fab Products

The whole range of products is available in Boots and if there are offers on then I sometimes stock up. Other than that, I purchase mine through Amazon as I have Prime. You can buy it all over the place though. It’s widely available now.