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Dangers of at Home TCA Peels

I am a risk taker, I always have been. Unfortunately I am also impulsive and I never measure the probability of disaster. I just don’t see that as an option. It never entered my head that when I did a TCA peel at home a couple of years ago that I might permanently damage my skin

So I did one layer the first time. Okay, great. After seven days I was all peeled, glowy and well, younger looking. I thought so anyway. My husband however, said I looked absolutely no different and why the hell was I trying to attain perfection…bla, bla, bla.

At Home Peels Are Risky

I knew that I was taking a risk, of course I did. But it paid off and I was clearly a pro. A couple of months later I did another and this time I managed two layers. So of course, by this point I was completely convinced of my professional status and only went a few weeks before trying one with three layers. Hmmmm…..

Luckily for me I only did the area under my eyes because I couldn’t face looking like a member of the Walking Dead cast again.

After seven days I began to wonder if I had really done some actual damage. But I convinced myself that all would be good, as I always do. But no….all was not good.

After two weeks it was evident that I had scarred myself under my right eye. This is how I look now after a year. I am lucky that I didn’t do more damage and it was enough to convince me never to go near a TCA peel ever, ever, oh, and EVER again!

It has taken this time to get to the oh well at least I can cover it with make-up point.

tca peel damage - Rachel Sheridan
Red mark is the scar. Excuse the bruise too!

Home Peel Advice

I would advise you not to do a TCA peel at home. If you really want to try out some sort of peel then I’d suggest a glycolic acid peel as it’s far less aggressive an option. To be honest I really do think that peels should always be carried out by someone who knows a thing or two about them. I have learnt my lesson and to be honest, I am all done with major skin damage to promote collagen production. I know it works, but the risk to your skin just isn’t worth the uncertainty of outcome in my opinion. That said, I have always looked for the most positive advice in these cases so would probably have ignored anything that didn’t comply with my reckless attitude!

These days I choose to treat my-self and my body with respect. Being kind to myself includes not abusing my skin in order to reach perfection, which is actually quite boring anyway! Perfection that is…not me 😉