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Vibely Xpress Control Mascara Review – Jarwest

How to Get Super Long Lashes

Okay, so I have the shortest and probably the straightest lashes in the world. That might be a tiny exaggeration, but not much.

I have tried so many mascara’s that promised amazing long, thick lashes but absolutely none of them have lived up to my expectations. I don’t have overly high expectations at that. I just expect something to do what it promises!

Impulse Facebook Ad Purchases

I never make impulse purchases these days, not when it comes to beauty or skin care products, and this is down to the fact that most of them don’t do what they say, or at least, they don’t in my case.

However, I saw an ad and for once, it had lots and lots of actual people with actual real life photographs of their super long, super thick lashes. Everyone was swearing by the Vibely mascara by Jarwest. Ooh I must have one of those I thought, actually I think I said it out loud. I was convinced, I had been target marketed good and proper!

To be completely honest, I didn’t even know what it was called until it arrived. I paid £14 for it plus postage. That worked out to be around $20.

My Mascara Arrived in 7 Days

I had actually forgotten all about it. Seven days is not long to wait, especially when you try this amazing product for the first time. Oh my word, it actually worked! I was full on shocked. Just two coats were all it took to completely transform my lashes and give me that semi-falsie look.

A Superb Fix for Straight Lashes

I love, love, love this product and I can safely give it a 10/10. I think this is the only product I’ve ever given this to. There is just no down side. It’s pretty inexpensive and it works. What more could a girl ask for?

I bought it here: