How Can I Train my Mind to be Stronger?

Our minds are programmed over many years. We enforce that programming every day with similar thought patterns. If you want to change negative thought patterns, then you have to make a firm decision to do that. YES it takes self-discipline. How do I know this? Because I’ve successfully re-wired my brain.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or CBT

I’ve tried this in the past. Many years ago actually. Although I was convinced it would be a waste of time, it stopped me from having panic attacks. Around a year after the birth of my son I began struggling with anxiety. I now know this was because I left it way too long to seek help.

Invite it, Don’t fight it. This was absolutely far and beyond the best advice I have ever received. I thought it was mad at the time of course. But I was determined to get better and bowed to my lovely therapist’s superior knowledge on the subject. I had just one and half more incidents of panic after my last session with her. I only had four sessions in total and to this day I have never suffered another attack.

Consistency is Key to Re-programming the Mind

Over the years I’d come back to my CBT training if I needed to, but to be honest, that part of my anxiety is gone.

I worked at the exercises I was given in order to think differently but I also took pills! Once I got over the initial denial, I realised I was ILL. There was no getting around that fact. The person I had been was gone. I had experienced depression and it didn’t make me less of a person. WOW!

Re-Wiring Your Circuits

This year has been the best year ever for me. I put that down to the way I’ve mastered the art of thinking and feeling positive and coming to the conclusion that we get what we want, whether we think we want it or not. Our true feelings, you know the ones that exist deep inside in our sub-conscious that we disregard? Well they rule.

Never disregard your subconscious mind, or your intuition. You can choose to ignore that nagging feeling inside of you, but do it at your peril. Once I decided NEVER to ignore it in favour of my rational brain (well only slightly rational in my case) things have just fallen into place.

Make Your Subconscious Mind Think What you Want it to Think

Sound mental? What you’re aiming for here, is a harmony between your rational brain and your subconscious mind. If you want to be strong minded then tell yourself you are a strong person, tell yourself every day until your subconscious believes it as fact.

I was never convinced this was possible, that was until I decided to throw myself into this positive thinking thing whole heartedly. I never have been one to settle for less than the full deal anyway. There was a time when I thought my all or nothing attitude to life was a negative personality trait. What? It’s bloody awesome! Why settle when you don’t have to? What was I thinking?

You CAN change the way you think, you can be strong minded, you can, you can, you can. I wish I could show you what I was like a few years ago. I don’t recognise that person today. I still get bad days, of course I do. I am human after-all. The difference is that now I go back to ‘don’t fight it, invite it’ I allow myself the odd crap day, I don’t feel annoyed with myself if I can’t get out of bed on the odd occasion, if I sit about all day doing pretty much nothing, if I look rubbish because the crease in my face has been there for two days. So what? As long as I have a 90-10 ratio then I consider that an absolute triumph.

Tell your inner being, your soul, the universe, sub-conscious, whatever you want to call it that you want to be strong minded, you want to handle anything that is thrown at you. No, tell it you ARE and you can.

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