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Nip and Fab Instant Fix Mask

I have been using this awesome product from the Nip and Fab range for over a year and I bloody love it!

What is it?

This product from Nip+Fab is a glycolic fix mask. Basically you leave it on your face for ten minutes and then you wash it off. Don’t rub it on. Personally I leave it on for around five minutes for two reasons, one I am generally in a hurry in the mornings and two, for me it leave my skin with a sun burn appearance for an hour or so afterwards.

I pull all of my hair out of the way as it’s quite messy. Maybe it’s just me, but I always end up getting it in my hair if I don’t scrape it back. Not me at my best here, but I wanted to show you how it sits on the skin and how thick it is.

glycolic instant fix mask from Nip+Fab - Rachel Sheridan
glycolic for anti-aging - Rachel Sheridan

Glycolic Exfoliator

In essence that’s what the instant fix mask is. Your skin will feel amazingly soft afterwards and also a little plumper. All good for me in my forties! Glycolic is such an amazing anti-aging product in all it’s forms. It’s cheap too in the scheme of things.

How Often Should You Use The Instant Fix Mask?

I use it pretty much every morning although the instructions are three times a week or thereabouts. I don’t see any reason for not using it every morning. I’ve had no adverse effects from this regular use.


It makes your skin smoother and fresh looking. It has tremendous anti-aging properties. It’s inexpensive.


It does tingle somewhat and it does make your skin sore if you leave it on too long.

How Much does it Cost?

Generally it costs just over £12 but Boots often have it on offer, so well worth a look and perhaps stocking up!

Star Rating – 9