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Interesting Ways to Style a Short Bob

So I get asked about my hair a lot. Short hair does not have to mean boring, quite the opposite in fact. Actually I find it way more interesting to come up with inventive ways to wear my short hair than when I have it longer.

I occasionally have Great Lengths Extensions fitted when I’m really super bored with it and am in need of a drastic change. I also have some clips that I add to the sides for extra length too sometimes.

short hair styling tips from Rachel Sheridan
Short Hair Girl
Side clips for extra length

Straight Iron Curls For Short Hair Verses a Curling Wand…

If I want a flatter, beachier wave in my short hair then I will use the straight iron. I generally wave through the hair by bending it over and then back the other way continuously until I reach the ends of my hair.

A curling wand gives me more of a rounded curl and I find that difficult to get the same effect with the straightening iron.

Curling wand waves

Short Hair Tips

Go a little shorter at first. Don’t go full on short if you have always had long hair as you’ll probably wish you hadn’t and you feel like you’ve made a mistake, even though you really haven’t!

I’ve had my hair this way on and off for over twenty years. I am suited to shorter hair as I have a small face. I actually have child’s glasses. My optician happily said, it’s okay you can pay less and get the children’s option as you have a really small face. All a waste of money as I never wear them anyway!

I’m always tempted to cut a fringe back in. I had one for a couple of years and loved it but my husband made constant references to how much he hated it and how the fringe should be banned, made illegal and you should actually be able to face imprisonment for having one! Although I advocate not giving a damn about what anyone else thinks, he eventually wore me into submission. I know that if I cut one in, he will probably ask me for a divorce!