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How to Use My Perfect Eyes

White Residue – This seems to be a sticking point for many people trying My Perfect Eyes for the very first time. They try and try and although the product does exactly as it says, it tends to leave a white powdery residue for some.

How to Avoid the white patches

You absolutely must make sure that you thoroughly cleanse your skin. I cleanse with a mild cleanser first. I then use my Paula’s Choice toner that removes any grease and leaves the skin perfect and ready for the product application. If you don’t apply to clean dry skin then you will most definitely get a white powdery residue. It takes a bit of practice for sure.

What Will Happen After Application?

You should wait for around a minute for the product to dry. Try not to smile, laugh…or move!

Once the product has dried into your skin you will feel a slight tightening effect. If your under-eye area is usually puffy then this will almost completely go, yep honestly! If you have many fine lines, then they will also completely disappear.

I don’t use it around my eyes at all as I don’t have fine lines, only deeper laughter lines and it certainly does not improve those. In fact it makes them appear way worse.

My Perfect Eyes to Get Rid of Forehead Lines

This is where I wear it. I used to have botox but since discovering My Perfect Eyes as well as retin-a I haven’t bothered to have it. I can’t say I’ll never have botox again. I DO love the effect I get from it and the chap I visit is very talented and knows exactly where to inject to get the most natural look and I always ask for some movement to be left anyway.

My Perfect Eyes gives the effect of botox without the heaviness. I can still lift my brows and move my muscles but it smooths the static lines to perfection. Check out these before and after pictures. This first one is my skin minus any foundation. Sometimes I like to be free of it for a few days.

My perfect Eyes review - Rachel Sheridan
how to get rid of forehead lines


It is very drying and if my skin is already dry from Retin-a then I won’t use it. When it starts to wear off I find the dryness is worse. It also gets very lumpy when you get to the end of the bottle so I mix it with a few drops of water. It still seems to work just as well.

You can’t use oil based make-up products or moisturisers when wearing this product. It will simply dissolve it within a few seconds. I don’t wear foundation on my head when I use it. I make sure I match my face colour to my natural skin colour, so it does mean mixing up two different foundations when I’m using My perfect Eyes.

When I Use it

I generally use it for a night out or anything special. It’s pretty pricey at £29 for a tiny bottle.

My husband uses it too! He has quite pronounced bags under his eyes so when we go out he often asks me to apply it for him. He gets the residue when he does it himself but I keep telling him it’s because he’s using way too much.

Do I Recommend it?

Yes I do, but you do have to practice application. Don’t use too much and press it into the skin rather than rubbing it in. Don’t go over any deep lines that move when you smile or laugh or they will look worse due to the dryness of the product

The results are temporary but they do last around ten hours for me. That’s pretty good going in my opinion. Even when I remove it the skin still stays a bit tighter for an hour or so.

I think it’s a good product and one of the only products out there that actually does as it says. You could use it every day but I think it would dry your skin out a bit. Overall I give it a 9 out of 10. If it wasn’t for the drying effect it would be a 10.