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Rio 60 Second Facelift Machine

Lifts and Tones Muscles Improving Skin tone

Who wouldn’t want a facelift machine without having to shell out a few thousand pounds? Firstly I’d say that 60 seconds is a little misleading. It’s 60 per area, so once you’ve treated all of the areas suggested, you’re really looking at 20 minutes.

RioSay: The 60 Second Face Lift also uses galvanic infusion into the skin of collagen and retinol to help target the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

The instructions also recommend every day for the first few weeks. This will be a bit of a commitment for some of you, me included. The thing is, it’s not really possible (not for me in any case) to use it without looking in a mirror, so it’s not as if you can watch TV or read while you’re using it even!

How to use The Rio Facelift

On first glance, I thought Oh hell this looks complicated. That’s me though. As soon as I see a booklet of instructions and a CD I’m put off. I immediately think it’s going to be more trouble than it’s worth. I like quick and easy, not fiddly and time consuming. still Beauty is an investment  I decided. No pain, no gain. Oh I should mention; there is pain, quite a bit of it in fact.

I purchased my 60 Second Facelift Machine Here on Amazon due to the fact that I can use Prime and I don’t like to wait!

Getting the Setting Right

This is where the pain comes in. I have a very low pain threshold it has to be said. I am such a baby. My husband says I say Ouch for nothing, just like a reflex action.

It comes with 17 settings. God knows what 17 is like because 8 is bloody painful. I’d say if you have a low tolerance of pain then 8 is good. It really contracts the muscle enough in my opinion.

It does however, set your teeth on edge! Sounds too horrible for words right? It’s not pleasant granted, but it is bloody brilliant 🙂

Anti-Ageing For Women And Men

This brilliant device is great for both men and women because it’s a pretty natural way to enhance features that have….um, shall we say dropped or aren’t so firm as they once were.

It totally tightens and firms the muscle within a couple of weeks.

Have I Been Paid For This Review?

No I haven’t. I was asked by a few people via email of I had used it and if so did I rate it. I hadn’t heard of it but took a look and decided I’d give it a try. It’s not cheap at £68 but it competes well with NUFace which is over £150. I think they do similar things although I have to be honest and say I’ve never researched into NuFace all that much.

Does It Reduce Fine Lines And Wrinkles?

Well, yes actually. It does this because of the tightening and firming of the muscle in whichever area you are treating. By pulling the muscle tight, it also makes it stronger and that in turn pulls the skin tighter, making lines less visible.

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My Conclusion

Although it is painful, I will continue to use this great little lifting device a few times a week as it really does work! Combined with my Retin-A I think it has become a ‘can’t be without’ item.

It is a bit messy as you have to use a conductive gel in order for it to work. You get one tube with the machine when you order online but then you will have to keep buying it. I have seen in for around £6 from Rio but you can also just buy any standard conductor gel too.

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