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Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Repair Cream

The Claim

To reduce dryness and crepey skin under the eye.

I had noticed my skin was a little drier in this area and I believe that was mostly down my use of Retin-A.

It didn’t bother me when I wasn’t wearing foundation, but it was quite visible when I was wearing it. I found that my usual goto Nivea wasn’t quite doing the job.

Eye Serums and Customer Reviews

I have wasted a lot of money on creams and serums in the past and I’m so over that now. I don’t mind parting with a bit of money if I am pretty sure it’s going to be of at least some benefit. I’ve never bought anything specifically for eyes before because I believe anything for the face is fine for the eye area too.

Anyway, I came across the Extra Eye Repair cream from Bobbi Brown by accident. I thought it seemed way expensive for such a little pot, but everyone said how amazing it was so I thought I’d give it a try.

bobbi brown extra eye repair cream honest reviews

An Eye Cream That Really Works!

Okay so the pot is tres tiny. Opening it up, I thought, well this is gonna last me all of a couple of months, and for almost £60 too!

For Starters: You only need a tiny, weeny amount under each eye. It’s so rich and nourishing. You just dab a little under the eye area and pat it in.

How Long Did It Take To See A Difference?

Two days! Yep really. It completely got rid of the dryness. I was sceptical, as I always am about any expensive moisturisers, but it really is amazing stuff.

One pot lasts me between 4-5 months. So really it’s pretty inexpensive. The initial outlay is rather large, but considering how long it lasts, to me it is worth the price tag.

I wouldn’t be without it now. I always leave it too late and end up running out before I re-purchase and I hate having to go a couple of days without it.

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Are The Changes Permanent?

No they aren’t. You will have to keep using it to get the benefits I’m afraid.


I guess the only down-side for some, will be the fact that it doesn’t appear to have any anti-ageing properties.

Rachel Sheridan Reviews Bobbi Brown's extra eye repair cream

Extra Eye Repair Cream