Writing Tips

The Pitfalls Of Publishing A Book

You may think self-publishing is the easy option. No Way! Even if you have an editor, there is still a chance you will make mistakes. Check out mine and don’t make them!

  • Always make sure any links you add are correct. Believe it or not, I checked my cover pages in a very OCD manner, and still didn’t notice I’d left a letter out of my web address. I’d sold sixty copies before I spotted it.
  • When you re-write a paragraph (after editing), make sure you check, check and double check any new text that won’t go back to your editor. I have found two mistakes since publishing. I will probably find more. I messed up a sentence and it made no sense at all! Not so bad for Epub as it’s easily corrected and uploaded again, bad for paper-back because many people may have already ordered a printed copy and there’s nothing you can do to correct it for those readers. Luckily my paper-back version is still in review so I can amend these mistakes this time around.

So far this is all I’ve found. Considering I have read my novel over and over again, I’m amazed I found any issues at all.

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