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Things A Teenager Doesn’t Want To Talk About

So my seventeen year old son is in Zante on an 18-30 holiday….yep, like I said, he’s seventeen. Evidently 18-30 is only a very loose description, it’s actually more like 17-35!

At first I was terrified. I thought; oh my god, but he’s still my baby boy, how can I possibly let him go?  The travel agent sensed my anxiety as I stared at the consent forms, so she said; it’s actually better than the two of them going independently as they will be well looked after….hmmm, I wasn’t convinced. I remember going on just such a holiday and I was nineteen, still pretty irresponsible. God knows what I would have been like at seventeen.

Anyway, I had to let him go. I was being over-protective as usual. It’s an only child thing I think. His friends Mum was all; Oh they’ll be fine, they’re sensible. This didn’t help, as clearly she was clueless as to the nature of teenage boys, either that or she was trying to comfort me…..yes probably the latter.

He wants to go travelling next year, so what am I going to be like then? He’s been gone 5 days, and I’m just about okay now. Once he was on the plane, it was out of my hands. I don’t do worry as a rule these days, so I was annoyed at myself for letting my anxiety get the better of me.

The sex talk:

Yep, it had to happen. It’s not like we never talk about it. Actually, Harry is quite open about that, as long as it’s on his terms. I can’t but in with comments, or have an opinion when it comes to talk about girls, I just have to listen and keep my big mouth shut, incase he never talks to me about that stuff again. I’m quite often hearing stories of drunken Saturday nights and girls far too old to be engaging with a 17 year old. He has this thing, where he is always nineteen. I think it’s called fake ID…should I be letting him use this? Probably not, but again, I’d rather he felt able to talk to me about everything. Anyway, they all have it and he’ll be eighteen in a few months. This is how I justify it to myself. Am I a bad Mother? Am I completely irresponsible?  I did wonder, but back in the day, My friends and I went out clubbing, drinking ridiculous amounts of diamond white and throwing up in inappropriate places….. Actually I think that was just me. We didn’t get asked our age all that much as nobody seemed to care if we weren’t legal. Even when we did, all we were asked was to give our date of birth….

Anyway, back to the talk…

‘I know you don’t want to talk about this, but….’ He always cringes when he hears those words.

‘Oh god no.’

‘Um, yep. You are taking protection aren’t you? I mean, I’d rather you weren’t having sex on the beach with random girls, but I won’t be there to stop you. You have to think about who they might have been with the night before, and the night before that….‘ Oh bloody hell, just the thought of it was starting to make my stomach churn, not to mention the fact that I’d just taken the romance right out of it, and now I wanted to tare up his passport and take Noah back to Chippenham.

What happened to love or a couple of snogs and a cab home? I’d met a boy when I went on such a holiday. He was lovely, romantic and gorgeous. I didn’t have sex on the beach, because I was terrified of getting pregnant or being filled with regret because I hardly knew him really. He was completely respectful and didn’t even ditch me in favour of someone more likely to put out. 😉  I’d like to think there are still boys like that, and girls that don’t feel the pressure or the need to give it away to anyone that asks. I’ve had that particular talk with Harry too. Another cringe moment for him, but necessary. ‘No means no, and it’s best not to have sex with a girl who is drunk.’ to which he replied ‘Yeah I know that already. We learnt about that years ago at school.’ It’s heartening to know that he learnt something at school 🙂

Back to the holiday conversation….

‘If it makes you feel any better Rachel.’ His friend Noah said, ‘He’s already said he’ll be packing a ton of them.’

‘Oh right, well good.’  A ton of them?? Holy shit. I wanted to hear he was being clever about it, but now I was starting to wish I hadn’t asked…..oh god this was going to be a long week for me.

So he’s there, having the best time of his life so he informs me. Good for him. Maybe there aren’t any girls there, or at least none that he takes a fancy to…Maybe it’s a girl free zone in that particular part of Zante.


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