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How I Stopped Worrying Overnight

I’ve never been a huge worrier. Not in my later years anyway. When I was really young I worried about nuclear war and the end of the World of course. I blame  ‘When The Wind Blows’  I mean, what were they thinking? It was crazy scary and they showed it in schools, to young kids….I mean, really? If you’re too young to know about it then lucky you! I’ve added a Youtube link if you want to scare the hell out of yourself.

Anyway, I don’t worry about such trivial things these days 😉

UPDATE: Thanks to Sarah from Manchester, who emailed me to say actually the film came out on 1986, so I was fifteen, not at primary school after all! Oh well, it was still pretty scary….

I was chatting to someone about how ridiculous it is to worry about things. We worry about the past, which is futile in any case, it’s done, there’s nothing you can do about it. We worry about the future, which I now know isn’t set, so can change at any time. So basically all we do is create a climate of fear for ourselves, based around something that’s already happened or something that probably won’t ever happen.

When I thought about that properly it suddenly seemed ridiculous. But we all think that sometimes. We know it doesn’t get us anywhere, upsets us and makes us feel rubbish. We still do it though, our brains just can’t seem to let things go.

I suppose it was easier for me, given my own set of beliefs, but I never expected it to be quite so easy. One day I was doing exactly what I had told myself was stupid. In that moment, I just let the worry go. It went just like that, and it never came back. The actual thing never happened anyway and even if it had then I would have dealt with it at the time.

I absolutely never let a worry thought take hold of me anymore. I won’t say I don’t get them. We can’t really control them coming, but we can control how we react to them. I don’t give them any attention and within a few seconds they are gone. Even when it came to my Dad and all of his problems. I didn’t waste any energy worrying that he may not get better. I decided he would get better and what would it help to concern myself over something I couldn’t do anything about anyway? I wanted to be useful, to help Mum and Dad, not to be all anxious and edgy, worrying about all of the potential outcomes. Actually, Dad thanked me last week for my positivity throughout which made me smile. I hadn’t really expected anyone to notice it. I was mostly doing it for me.

Whenever something out of whack happens. (Dad’s illness and anything else I hadn’t planned for) I try to think it’ll be okay, it will work out for the best and then I let it go. Often when things seem to be going wrong, they actually aren’t. They’re just things that happen that lead onto something better happening.

Scary melting people movie shown to kids…..I haven’t looked at this again since, so please do tell me if I remembered it wrong, and it isn’t all that bad to an actual adult. I don’t want to look.

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