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The I Love Game

Just a really quick post as a follow up to the last Law Of Attraction post. I had a couple of emails with questions and one was how do you get your happy back when you feel crap?

Well, I do this really childish but effective thing. I say out loud (providing no-one is in ear shot) all of the things I love. So for example:

  • I love my early morning coffee where I can sit in perfect silence just before I take the drive to my office
  • I love deep and meaningful chats with Harry
  • I love the sun on my face
  • I love that I get to work whenever I want
  • I love that I have great friends

You get the gist of it! It lifts me when I’m feeling a little sad. It’s only human to feel that way sometimes. You can’t be super happy and jolly all of the time, but you can help yourself get back to it 🙂

Good luck with your happy!

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