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Okay, so not at all the news I was expecting to be announcing any time, ever…My children’s/young adult fiction book will be published in August! Did I ever think I’d be saying those words? No way. When life throws you a curve ball, you just have to run with it. So there it is. Does this mean my adult fiction is shelved? No way, not in a million years.

I will of course keep you updated and let you know a bit more right before the launch date which as yet is not set. We are hoping for mid August so fingers crossed.

It will be published under the author name Rachel Sparks. Sparks was my Nan’s maiden name and I always loved it because it suited her. When I was much younger I used to wish it was my name I loved it so much. Well now it is….well sort of.

It was never my intention to write a children’s book but now I have written one I can’t believe I never considered it before. It’s so much fun and I can be all teenagerish like I am anyway but in print and it doesn’t matter. No-one can call me immature or idiotic because fourteen year olds can be that way, in fact it’s expected of them. 😉


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