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Anti-Ageing Skin Care – How I Look After My Skin at 46

Not Entirely True to Life

First of all let me say that my Facebook profile picture (on my author page) is not all that accurate. I mean it is me, but in reality I do have more lines! I’ve had all these emails from people asking how I manage to look this way at 46. It’s really lovely of everyone but don’t take that photo as reality.


For one thing, it’s not all natural. I do get botox in my forehead. I don’t have it anywhere else and I don’t get fillers. Never say never I suppose, but I can’t imagine I will ever have them. The thing with botox is that although the effects last a few months, the substance itself does not stay in your system. I have it because I want to. I use a guy that I trust who takes the time to make sure he’s giving me the most natural look possible. Basically I hate the lines on my head and I don’t want to see them! I don’t give a stuff about the lines anywhere else. I was tempted to try around the eyes once but I didn’t and I’m glad I chose not to in the end. I smile with my eyes and I think I might look a bit void of character if I couldn’t move those muscles. I do still have fine lines on my head of course, but that’s fine. They are genetic. Botox just diminishes them and basically stops you from frowning by freezing the muscles, or in my case making them less mobile, I still like to have some movement.

Retin A

It’s prescription only and I don’t have the nerve to ask my doctor for it because she’d probably laugh in my face. I buy it online. You can get it in Canada and Mexico without prescription I believe. It costs around £15 plus delivery. If you can get through the first 3 months then it’s all good. I say that because it seriously dries out your skin in the beginning. I almost gave up, almost….then I didn’t because well, I never do. It’s amazing stuff, nothing else comes close. I wouldn’t waste my money on expensive creams that claim to do all kinds of amazing things because they don’t. I have done in the past but since using rentin a I don’t. I also use Glycolic acid a few times a week. Other than that I just use avocado oil which is dead cheap, and sunscreen.

Over 40 Skin Care

Here I am without makeup and without filters. Excuse the bruise! You see I do have lines. I am smiling a bit here just to show you they are there. When I was forty my skin was perfect. I didn’t bother with it at all. Basically I didn’t take care of it because I suppose I thought it would always be the same. The next one is me with makeup (much better!)Lines always look worse when they’re caked in foundation don’t they. I have just noticed I’ve done each eye rather than the same one, sorry, but you get the idea. The other one isn’t much different.  I guess most of the women asking about my skin care regime are in their forties too.


To sum up I would say there’s nothing like retin A for keeping your skin fresh looking and firm. It takes a few months to work on the lines but it certainly does improve them. Your skin might flake if you don’t mix it with an emolient though. It works by turning over new skin cells as it did when you were younger. Therefore it produces more collagen. It works on the lower layers of skin and makes them thicker. Please do correct me if I’m wrong but that’s my understanding. Anyway, it works so I don’t much care!

retin a before and after tretoinretin A before and after

Take a look at my Pinterest Board. There are some great links to my favourite Youtubers here.

TCA Peels

I have done a couple of these in the past but I am truly done with that kind of trauma now. The last one I did was only under my eyes, just above my cheek bone (not right up to the eye) Seriously, what was I thinking? I literally damaged a patch of my skin so badly. I think I had a 3rd degree burn actually. My husband looked at me one night over dinner and said You’ve actually scarred yourself Rach you know. I knew that of course, but I said he was wrong and it would all be fine in a few weeks. Try six months! I took a chunk out of my skin. I literally burnt it right off.

Chemical Peels at Home

TCA is too strong to be used at home. I looked at the positive of the situation of course. Thank God it was only a small area of skin. I was going to do three layers all over my face! So it was actually a good thing as it taught me to stop being so bloody ridiculous. I’d never ever, ever do it again. Apart from the fact that I had to use concealer every day so that it didn’t look quite so awful, my parents would mention it every time I saw them for a while! Why did you do that? Don’t do that again will you? There’s nothing wrong with your skin…..

Lesson learnt: Don’t mess with something that isn’t broken.

Still, I’m always going to love trying new things. I don’t see skin care as a chore. I enjoy finding little miracles to hold the years back a little longer.

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