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Where To Start?

So many things are going on right now that it’s difficult to know where to start…….

It’s been almost nine months since I started work on this new novel. That’s at least four months longer than I usually take to write a full manuscript. Since my disregard for the fact that I’m 46 I seem much more able to criticise my own work and take out complete chapters if necessary. I don’t have this huge issue with time anymore. I’ve successfully managed to convince myself that I’m young! My AgeUK lady (have no idea how to refer to her as I can’t use her name or say anything about her!) referred to me as a young chicken a few weeks ago. I realise I don’t have all the time in the world but I’d rather spend time getting this manuscript right and know that as far as I am aware there is nothing more I can do to it.

On another note I am also writing something else that will be published within the next couple of months on Amazon. It’s something I’ve kept quiet because I have no intention of telling anyone I know other than my closest friends and maybe my parents (once it published) It won’t be published under my own name as I don’t want any confusion occurring if I manage to get an agent for my fiction writing. It’s nothing dodgy or anything if that’s what you’re thinking! I’ll say more when it’s been published I promise 😉

My volunteering is going really well and I’m so pleased I signed up for it. On top of that I get a box of chocolates every single week and the old guy opposite made me a bird house!

I’m currently looking for a new car as mine was fun for a while but needs some work really and I’m loathed to pay out on it as it’s almost ten years old now. I’m torn between a Jeep Renegade and a Mercedes A class and maybe a Nissan Juke as I spotted one yesterday and thought it was quite me! I’ve been told not to do a Rachel and buy one on the spur of the moment. Evidently I am dangerous! If I wasn’t then I’d be boring right?

Work is going extremely well, way better than I thought things would work out. I’m just about to launch another website all about me! Well not really, it’s just promoting my services to smaller businesses who don’t have huge marketing budgets. I find people are less intimidated when it’s a one on one thing and not some larger agency that might baffle them with bullshit. I love working by myself in a shared space. I get all the benefits of an office with none of the interruptions.

Just Say Yes….I’ve started saying yes to more stuff. Nothing special, just things I might have said no to in the past. For instance, tonight I have agreed to have all my makeup taken off in public and let someone loose on my face to do god knows what! Usually it would have been a categoric NO but I just said Yeah Okay. I said yes to a public speaking request a few weeks ago too and I really hate those usually too. This time I actually enjoyed it and wasn’t one bit nervous. I didn’t even prepare for it.

Just Say No……On the other side of things, I also say NO to more things too. Not so much saying no but not being dragged into things. Lately (and bizarrely) a couple of people have contacted me on social media. Not random’s but people I know that have never shown an interest before (not that I’ve noticed anyway) and I’ve been hard and cut the conversations short because I could see where things were going and usually I would have been too concerned about upsetting them than doing what I wanted. I’m getting quite good at doing what’s best for me. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s not selfish. I think, as long as you do your best to be kind to other people and don’t intentionally hurt anyone then you can’t expect much more of yourself than that. You don’t have to be horrible to others to get your own way.

Both my son Harry and I are of the opinion that life should be fun, not massively hard work and a chore to get through. I am definitely having so much fun at the moment. Every day is different, there’s no more monotony and I love not knowing what I’m going to say yes (or no) to next! Harry has been having a little too much fun I think. The sheet was missing off the bed in the spare room when I came back from Oxford last week and I found a pair of silver earrings on the floor! He’s so getting a high five from my Dad 😉

See you all soon x

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