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The Final Edit

I have never spent so much time on a manuscript before and to be honest I think I’ve got to the point where I’m going over it way too much. There comes a time when you have to just get on with things and let go. Letting go is something I do struggle with but I am getting better at it.

I’ve re-written the prologue so what was eight pages long is now just one paragraph! Sometimes less is more. Yeah really…

My struggle now is writing the synopsis which any of you writers out there will know is almost tougher than writing a full manuscript!

There’s not much more to tell at the moment. I’ll hopefully finish it up this week and get submitting. I already have a list of agents that might suit this novel so it’s a case of sitting still and submitting it to each and every one on the list.

My New Working Arrangements

I am loving my new working environment sooooo much 🙂 Everyone in the shared office  space is so lovely. We have recently welcomed a newie called Charley. Yay a girl! As much as I like men, I do like a mix of both when it comes to work.

It’s great working in the same space as other people but not actually working with them. It means we talk about interesting stuff and not just work. For instance last week I was chatting to the lovely guy that sits opposite me about how he fell in love with his wife.  You can’t beat  a good love story!

I also love the fact that I am mixing it up. I work a couple of days out there, one day in the home office, one day in my cosy lounge and I still manage to have Friday’s off. I’m just off for lunch now, that is if I can struggle up the icy hill.


For the past few weeks I have been visiting a lovely lady called Pat. She lives fairly locally and I visit for an hour once a week.  She doesn’t see many people and has no close family. On top of that she can’t really get out although she does get taken to church every Sunday by her lovely neighbours. I like to think she looks forward to my visits although she might prefer someone who doesn’t talk so much!


I was amused last week when my son Harry informed me that he wasn’t going to have a standard life. I’m not sure what he classes as standard and if it was anyone else I’d just think well good luck with that, but this is Harry we’re talking about. The boy that decided he wanted to be a model and a couple of weeks later gets a short term contract, the boy that got moved into the top level media course without the proper exam results, the boy who got a cushy weekend job at Sainsbury’s with the best hours for a teenager…..seriously, the list goes on. He never sees the can’t, only the why not? I’ve clearly brought him up well! So Harry will doubtless have a non-standard life. Here’s hoping 🙂


Dad’s chemo is so full on. He has to go into hospital for a week every three weeks, he’s had stem cell removal, blood transfusions, all manner of things  I have no idea how he deals with. He does though. He’s amazing and I’m so proud of him. He’s half way through his treatment now and I can’t wait for him to be free of it. He wants to get back out on the golf course!

I tried to cram everything into this post as I’m not sure when I’ll get the chance to post another. Many thanks for continuing to read this blog. I appreciate it so much.


Rachel x


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