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Writing Update And Life Changes


So I have finally finished my novel. I really thought the last one was the one until I wrote this one! I think I’ve rushed things in the past. This time I decided to bite the bullet and write something different. I love reading thrillers, creepy stuff and suspense stories but I didn’t think I could put anything like that into words myself.

I think we place limits on ourselves that stem from a subconscious belief that is often nonsense. I knew I wouldn’t have a problem coming up with an idea. I get lots of those. I just didn’t think I could put that idea into words and make it unputdownable. But hey, I can! Okay so it took me four months to complete and it required research and two drafts to get to the final edit but I don’t think that’s too bad. What I have now is something I am proud of. I read it back and think really, I wrote this? All that’s left now is for my Mum to read the first three chapters. She reads this kind of thing all the time and I know she’ll be honest with me. She won’t spare my feelings and that’s a good thing.


I had some really awesome feedback from an agent regarding my last novel. She said it has so much going for it, there’s a lot of things to be admired and my writing is engaging. She just wasn’t sure about the subject matter and as she gets hundreds of submissions each month she has to be one hundred percent sure she can sell each novel on to to a publisher. I get that. Actually I had completely forgotten about this submission as it was over three months ago that I emailed it to the agency. I wasn’t gutted because now I don’t think that it is the one anyway. I still think it’s good but it isn’t AS good as the one I’ve just written.

Other Stuff

A couple of people have asked about my Dad. So the latest news is that it is definitely a lymphoma. We just got our heads around the news when they contacted him to say there was another bit they hadn’t noticed. He was enjoying a breakfast with his friend at the time. Actually this development doesn’t make a jot of difference to the treatment. His options were: Radiotherapy or a massively strong dose of chemo therapy given over a six month period.

I took my parents to see the consultant last week. After half an hour driving around and around….and around the grounds I finally managed to get a space. I had dropped them off because hunting for a parking spot when you’re about to find out what your future holds is crap.

Given his age they are generally reluctant to administer such a rigorous course of chemo, but Dad is fit in all other ways (as far as we know) so they have decided he can go for it. The radio therapy doesn’t give the promising outcome that the chemo gives. Also, given the fact that the whole brain is fried with it, it can cause symptoms of dementia.

Anyway, to cut a long story short; he is at the RUH in Bath today having another scan to make sure it hasn’t spread anywhere else and then on Monday he will have all of his major organs checked to make sure they will cope with the treatment. He is extremely philosophical about it all. God knows how he manages that but he does. He’s like, I’ve got it, I have to deal with it.


As I thought. I am not able to work from home! It sucks actually. I don’t know what it is about it but it just doesn’t work for me. So I come into the office twice a week. It’s quiet and a bit strange but it’s not too bad and I get loads done. It’s been re-rented, so I only have it for a few more weeks but I have just signed for a desk in the c0-working hub which is upstairs and really lovely. I think there will be eight of us when I get there. I have it all week but will probably use it just twice a week. It’s a fraction of the price and I like the idea of working around people. Although Jeremy did comment; You’re just looking forward to working with all those men! um….yep!

That’s all for now folks!

Rachel. x


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