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I’m so sorry for my complete lack of posts lately. The last couple of weeks have been all about family. Over the last few years my lovely Dad has suffered four cancers and beat them all. Unfortunately he has just been diagnosed with a brain tumour. Both he and my Mum decided not to tell us until after Christmas as they didn’t want to upset us and ruin Christmas day! What parents will do for their kids eh? So both of them struggled through the day with all of us going about in blissful ignorance.

On Boxing Day however, my Mum broke down as I noted that she only ate one roast potato on Christmas day. I wondered if something was up because who doesn’t like more than one roastie?  I had no idea what was coming though….

The NHS has been amazing I have to say.  Mum, Dad, me and my brother Matt went over to Southmead Hospital on Friday where Dad went in an hour early to have all his pre-op tests. On Tuesday we went over again in force and got the low down on what was possible depending on what they find when the biopsy comes back. It’s likely to be a lymphoma as he’s had that before and this so the surgeon informed us, is a common place for the little shit to re-appear.

Unfortunately they won’t remove a lymphoma in that area. He can however, have a course of radio therapy and possibly chemo. This is all aimed at shrinking the tumour as small as possible. Who knows, maybe it will disappear altogether…I live in hope.

This was the worst news for us but not for Dad. He said he can’t face brain surgery and it’s not about the rest of us is it?

He had his biopsy yesterday. Matt picked me up at 5.45am (yeah I know, me out of the house when it was still dark, wtf?) We had to be there by 7am. Mum was allowed to stay with him until he went down to theatre at 10am. Three coffee’s, two bottles of water, three trips to the ladies, five chapters of a creepy book Matt leant me so that he could shut me up, two Youtube videos and a few texts later it was all over.

Matt picked him up this morning and he’s at home in bed right now. I’m off to see him in a few hours although I’m sure he would like to be left in peace for while. Fat chance Dad 😉 If anyone can get through this it’s you.

Rachel. x



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