My Life

Moving Forwards

So we’ve finally done it. We’ve put notice in on our office and we’re all working freelance. Our youngest member of staff decided to move to the Isle Of White and that’s what pushed the issue. We’re contracted in until it’s re-let so if it doesn’t go within a couple of months we’ll sub let it and actually make money!

We’ve been (or I have been) thinking about how we can have more time to do what we want with this life, have a bit more money, less responsibility, cut out the daily commute and generally do more fun stuff. I don’t generally get my own way but then again I never really try that hard. I really wanted something to change, I wasn’t sure how it would happen but I decided to leave all the details to some other power. Two weeks later, Ollie says’s he’s moving and now we’re at this point. Life is awesome!

Jeremy and I know that we will literally kill each other if we both work from home so we are going to rent a desk here and share it. If I fancy working here then I will and if I don’t I won’t.  He’ll work in the City sometimes. He likes doing that but I can’ t work with people around me. I need peace and quiet.

I will split my week so that I work on my writing at least two full days. That’s when I need the house to myself.

I have made a list. It’s not much but it’s a start.

  • Volunteer
  • Make writing my career
  • Buy a new car in the New Year
  • Travel more
  • Pick up my guitar again
  • Be happy

Somebody just pointed out to me that ‘Be happy’ suggests that I’m not right now. I am, but I try to continue to be happy in the moment, no matter what is happening in my life. It’s a challenge at times but I find if you keep smiling in the face of disaster then it all comes good in the end 😉

I’ve made a start with the other things on my list.  I am just waiting for an interview for my volunteering and I am looking online for a lovely shiny new car. One that fits people in the back so that I can do my share of driving my friends. I’m always the one apologising for not being able to drive.

Update: Interview sorted. I hope I get a nice old person that likes to talk a lot!

Oh I forgot one thing; Drink more wine. I seem to be able to tolerate more for some reason so I’m going with that!