My Life


You may remember a while ago I had made the decision to self-publish while I carried on applying to agents. Then I got some pretty good advice not to do that.

Since then I’ve concentrated on writing much heavier stuff. It’s been a challenge but way more satisfying if I’m honest. I have a lot of other material that I am happy with though. I know that if I’m trying to get an agent for the new stuff then this is not going to fly with them.

It just seems such a shame to resign it to the shelf. I’ve done some research and it seems acceptable to publish under another name. I’ve decided to take this course. I have nothing to lose and it’ll be fun marketing my own stuff whilst knowing that I haven’t given up on the agent thing. I think I’ve come to a decision on the name. I know an amazing illustrator working here at the Glove and I have used her before. I’ll need to find a good editor and then I’ll be good to go. It’s a bit of a task but on top of this decision there have been some other one’s made about the business so I will have some proper time to dedicate to it. I have also just volunteered to give some time to an old person each week! I have been wanting to do this forever and in the I need to write a list and get on with these things mind set I am trying to master, I have made a start. I have to have an interview yet and some training so maybe I won’t be accepted!

It’s all change for me right now. x