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Monumental Decisions And Other Crazy Stuff

Okay, so if you follow my Facebook page then you’ll know what I’m about to say. I can’t even say I’ve thought long and hard about this because I rarely do that about anything. For me, it’s all about what hits me in the moment. The difference these days is that I take some time to mull over the thought rather than acting on it instantly as I have done in the past. Sometimes we have crazy, mental moments where we think something is absolutely right and so we act on it before our sane brains have kicked in and told us to stop being so ridiculous. Well that’s always been true in my case anyway!

Over the last year or so I have successfully managed to calm my brain right down. I still have all the same crazy ideas but I now understand they might be dumb ass and so I take quite a bit of time (sometimes days) to let them sink in and then I let my intuition decide whether to act on them or not.  I’m sure it’s saved me from making a complete idiot of myself on more than one occasion!  I can honestly say this way of doing things has changed my life. That seems like a very over the top statement but really, it has.

Another Way Of Thinking

So I was sitting on my bed today, not really thinking about anything much other than how boring the Wimbledon final was this year and how I really didn’t want to stay at home tomorrow to wait in for the British Gas man but know I have to because we have no hot water, when my thoughts drifted to the manuscript I wrote before this one I am now trying to sell to agents. I thought you know Rach, that really is good. You shouldn’t give up on it. Then I thought about how I managed to promote another writers books successfully and at the same time I realised that it’s way easier to sell yourself as something if you are already being it!

I think I am inherently lazy. I fight it all the time, but sometimes I choose the easy option because  I convince myself that the alternative isn’t for me. Self-publishing, whilst allowing you to start selling your book quickly is also bloody hard work. I know this from my time working with a writer. If you do it properly, by this I mean get it edited and get some unique illustrations for the cover, set up a KDP account, do all the SEO and get a website to sell it independently of Amazon or to point them in that direction, it’s a tough slog. You’d probably need to employ a publicist too, at least for a short period of time and this would cost. So all in all getting an agent seems like a preferable option. If I could wave a magic wand (and I do actually sort of do this in my head and then hope for the best) I would choose to work with an agent. I like the idea of the support you get from a good literary agency and I like the idea of seeing my book on a bookshelf somewhere. But all that said, I am 45 years old now and finding an agent who is willing to take a chance on an unknown writer is not easy.

So I think I am going to publish my first story. Why not? I can’t think of one good reason apart from the fact that I’ll have to work even harder than I do right now. But it will be working towards the life I really want for myself.

So if you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to travel back in time, whether you’d make different decisions or do it just the same then you might find it a fun read.

2 thoughts on “Monumental Decisions And Other Crazy Stuff

  1. Oh my gosh Rachel, I was only just thinking about this last week when I was reading your novel sample. You really should publish yourself either full stop or while looking. I like the sound of this other work. I will definitely buy your book!!!
    I am going to try with my intuition. I’ve been reading a lot about letting God, or source take over. I do believe in God but I don’t think it interferes with that either. Is that what you mean because I see you reference Neville Goddard in your site. God bless.

  2. Nothing wrong with indie publishing in my humble opinion. Yea just let life come at you but point it in the right direction. Works like a dream for me.

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