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I’m Sure I’ve Got Something Else To Do….

If anyone knows of a way that I can stop procrastinating then please do share….

I can quite literally find a hundred other things to do when I have something that really, really needs doing. Like the synopsis for my manuscript. How difficult can it be? Well pretty difficult actually. Summing up a whole book in 1-2 pages? Seriously it’s so damned tough. I don’t like it right now. It’s rambling and not very good. It’s way easier writing a 250 page book! I know they’re not supposed to be anything but factual but they are so boring.

I have successfully managed to find loads of things to do…..really important things like testing my son on his History when he’d rather I didn’t, having a bath, washing my hair, tidying the utility room, sitting in the sun on the weekend….the list goes on. It’s ridiculous. I’m the same if I have to apply for a driving licence or a passport. I wait until the very last minute and then panic like crazy that I’ll have to forgo my holiday because I didn’t do it sooner. It took me six years to renew my driving licence when we moved. It’s mad because when my husband gave up on painting the conservatory I left it a few days and then painted it myself even though it was boiling hot in there and it took me two whole days. Some things aren’t an issue, less important things I suppose. Vital things can wait, my brain is wired wrong I think. Help!

4 thoughts on “I’m Sure I’ve Got Something Else To Do….

  1. Very funny Rachel. I know exactly how you feel as I am the same. All of the time not just some of the time though! My Mom goes crazy with me.

  2. You need to do some meditation. I use it for all kinds of things. It really works for me in every day life. Try some free guided stuff on YouTube.

  3. Yes I’ve tried the guided meditation for various things but the person’s voice always ends up making me agitated so I give up. I like the binaural beats though. Actually I like the pure tones without music. I haven’t tried them for procrastination so I may well do although I have nailed the synopsis now. The waiting was for the best when it came down to it because I focused in the end and actually managed to get it down to a page and a half. I think my approach was all wrong the first time and with previous synopsis’s. You don’t have to mention sub plots and incidental characters. Once you cut that out you have a better reading piece. I’m a great believer in walking away from things you are having trouble with and waiting for some sort of inspiration. It literally always comes if you have faith. I don’t mean in God, but just something else. Woowoo!!

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