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The Final Draft

So after a  lovely bank holiday weekend I am ready to start submitting my finished manuscript. I spent the last few days making corrections and just generally tidying it up.

It’s funny because even though I knew how I was going to end it, when I actually wrote it I thought Shit seriously? I don’t believe you should always go with your original ending if you feel there’s something better. Sometimes I have a moment where I do a u-turn and change something massive but in this case I truly believe in the story I initially set out to write so it’s pretty much as I originally intended.

I have no idea how it will be received but I believe in it and I think that’s the best you can hope for. I’ve written lots of things over the past couple of years but this is the first time I’ve not thought Well it’s good but……

I think the hardest part has been trying to strike a balance between humour and suspense.  Here’s hoping this one is the one!

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