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Working Full Time And Trying To Write – Arghhh

What I would really love to do is write full time of course, but at the moment that isn’t the case. I work pretty much full time these days but I am working on making my life easier and freeing up some more time.

I have just let my retail business go which is a start and I am streamlining what I do at the office. I’ve started working alongside a very clever guy called Gary, or Gaz for short but it’s not that much shorter so I stick to Gary. Not sure why but I have a problem with shortening names unless I’m given the shorter version at the start.

Gary is taking some of the pressure off of me by relieving me of some of my SEO clients. He loves all that geeky analytical stuff way more than I do. I’m kind of keeping it in the family as he is the fiance of my ex sister-in law. Sounds complicated I know but it isn’t all that much.

I am concentrating on consultation and workshops because this is way more profitable and I get to meets lots of interesting people. Ideally I would do a couple of these sessions a week and then take the rest of the time to write. That’s my plan moving forward. I’m not the best when it comes to mapping out my life but I was starting to stress about having zero time to do anything I wanted to do and on top of that I’m studying for my GCSE’s! Not really, but I feel like I am because I agreed to help my son with his revision. I literally feel like my head is about to explode. I now know that I knew nothing. I want to take my English GCSE again because I would get an A this time for sure!

I’m tidying up my novel and over the coming month I will begin submitting it. I had a very close call with the last one I submitted, almost but not quite. I could have carried on pushing that one and I’m not finished with it yet. This manuscript however, is more commercial and I think maybe the time for more whacky, weird stuff is when I am already published. My husband insists on telling me we’re old now which I find rather irritating because I don’t feel any different now than I did in my 20’s. I’m sure I’m not even 45 really.  I can’t start to panic about the age issue and getting too old because I like to think age is merely a number and doesn’t mean anything in the real scheme of things.

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