My Bio

I’m 47 years old, I live in Bath and am a Company Director for a Digital media company based in the beautiful village of Holt, Wiltshire.

Before owning my own business I worked for a publishing company in the marketing department. Well that was the position I held when I left. Before that I had been telephonist, receptionist and the girl that did everything when I worked for the music magazines.  I even got to contribute to a book ‘From Dusseldorf To The Future With Love by Tim Barr, published by Random House.

Tim Barr

I have been working in digital marketing for almost twenty years. I specialise in SEO and social media marketing.

I decided I wanted to write a few years ago. I do it all the time at work. I write blog posts for company’s, website copy, and online articles. But I had a dream to write stories.

I’ve been concentrating on adult fiction, and am currently submitting a manuscript to agents for consideration. Of course, consideration does not mean representation as I have come to discover. It’s possible to be asked for the full manuscript but still not get representation.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I wrote a manuscript a while ago just for fun. It comes under the category of Young Adult Fiction. I didn’t think about releasing it or submitting it, it really was just a bit of fun. It’s funny how things work out though. I then met someone who suggested it should be out there. Really? 

Fast forward a few months, and it’s now a published novel!

I write young adult fiction under the name of Evie Sparkes.

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